Swinging in the air: Zip Line Pazinska Jama

Zip Line Pazinska Jama offers more than just a big shot of adrenaline, the views from up above are amazing and well worth overcoming your fear of looking down. It’s all about being rewarded for getting yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Zip Line Pazinska jama

Who’s afraid of the zip line?

I am. I was. Not when I was making arrangments. That’s when I thought woudln’t this be a fun thing to do as a family. My oldest and hubby are true adrenaline junikes, so I was focusing on what a treat it will be for them, and forgeting that the other part of the family consists of two scaredy cats. 

When we were driving towards Zip Line Pazinska Jama, I remembered and I got so scared, that I didn’t even acknowledge the beautiful surroundings. With my knees quivering I looked at the line stretching from one end to the other over what seemed as nothing but an abyss. 

Overcoming my fear

For the sake of my family, especially my youngest and because it was all my idea, I put on a brave face and thought OK let’s do this. 

Despite my effort Tesa wasn’t convinced and it took some cajoling to get her to try. I am so glad we did because she loved it. 

We went together and when we reached the middle of the first line she was the one pointing things out to me, way down…

All about the Zip Line Pazinska Jama

Here’s what you need to know: 

– it starts on Hotel Lovac Green terrace in Pazin, 

– the first line is 220 m long, making you cross the canyon with an average speed of 50 km/h. Our two guides suggested with look down once we reach the middle and see the river Pazincica beneath and the mouth of  the Pazin cave. I thought no way, but then I did and wow, being 100 meters (that’s the maximum height) above really offers some stunning views. 

 – on the way back to the starting point you ride on the 280 m long line,  giving you more time to stare at the abyss and a medieval castle on its cliffs. 

– you don’t need to worry about anything, the friendly guides do all the work they prep you and they catch you. 

– you have to try it, it’s an excellent experience. 

Where is it?

As mentioned before it’s located in the town of Pazin in Istria, Croatia. This is the address to put into your GPS system: 

Šime Kurelića 4, Pazin 

Zip Line Pazinska jama
My daughter loving the Zip Line Pazinska Jama.

How much does it cost?

Price is around 20 euros (160 kunas) per person. For more details about price and regarding the opening times check their website.

Children who weigh less than 35 kg can use Zip line in tandem ride only with one of the Zip line workers

What do the kid say?

Best experience ever!

Even my youngest was so proud of herself for trying it out. And I remembered how important it is to get out of ones comfort zone every now and again.

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