‘It’s a Kind of Magic…’ Zagreb Christmas Market with Kids

Zagreb Christmas Market with Kids can best be described with the words of the Queen song – ‘It’s a kind of magic.’ It was rightfully voted the best Christmas market in Europe three years in a row. With all the lights, decorations, food stalls and events is has something for everyone.

Don’t miss it

In our family December appears seemingly out of nowhere, while we are busy with our routine. It’s all about school and chores. Then suddenly we are trying to make the most out of all the festivities taking place before Christmas.

We’ve been planning on visiting the Advent in Zagreb for a couple of years now. But it was over before we could decide on the date. So, this year we might miss all the other events in December, but we pulled of the visit of the best Christmas market in Europe.

You are going to love Zagreb Christmas Market with Kids

‘I don’t want to walk around. I am tired,’ the kids complain while we are driving towards Zagreb.

‘You are going to love it. All the lights and decorations. And you can have all the sweets you want,’ I try with an enthusiastic mixture of exaggeration and cajoling. I have no idea what awaits, but it better be good, since this visit was my idea.

As we ride towards the city center there are no visible clues on what to expect, just the usual traffic congestion. Hubby makes a few turns. ‘Where are we going exactly?’ I ask confusion evident in my voice.

‘Well, I am not looking for a parking space in the center. We’ll park at the Stadium, it’s the starting point of the tram going directly to the city.’

I stare at him in awe. ‘How do you know this?’

He gives me a hurt ‘are-you-kidding-me‘ look, his eyebrows furring and says: ‘I just do.’

Fine. Because hubby does, we park for free and ride the tram  In less than 15 minutes we arrive, hassle free to the main square in Zagreb. Trg bana Jelačiča. From there we start exploring and fighting the crowds.

Zagreb Christmas market with kids

How to get here?

Read the above. If you are driving: park at the market Boronaj (tržnica Borongaj). It’s next to the Makismir Stadium. Take tram number 17 to ride directly to the city center.

Train is also a great option for visiting Zagreb Christmas Market with Kids – get off at the main station and you are almost at the start of all the fun.

Bus isn’t a bad option, but the bus station is a bit further away than the main train station, so you’ll either have to walk a bit or find another means of transport.

How long should the visit take?

That’s generally up to you. But plan well over two hours, as Advent in Zagreb is all over the city. Most is concentrated in the center though.

For more details go to the official page.

We only managed to see 8 different places, but it was enough to get the idea: the abundance of food and drink stalls, Christmas decorations, lights and fun.

The best of Zagreb Christmas Market with Kids?

Advent in Klovičevi dvori, actually make it everything in Gornji grad (Upper Town) was our absolute favorite. There was something so charming about it and there were less crowds than elsewhere.  There too you will find lots of stalls offering food and drinks but also great selfie spots. I am not a fan of those. Scratch that. I became a fan in Zagreb. They offer creative photo ops and we took advantage of each and everyone. From a bench decorated with lights to festive living room, to Christmas trees…

Where to try the food?

Everywhere. We promised kids we’d try it all. It was impossible but we did have fun trying. We tried fritule with nutella in the Upper Town. It’s balls of fried dough. Yummy.  But the rest of the food we eat at Fuliranje: a waffle with nutella and bananas, hot dogs, Thai hot dog and Pašticada on the go, which was our favorite. It’s a play on a traditional Dalmatian meal, which my mother-in-law makes for very special occasions. It wasn’t as good as hers, but it was without a doubt the best thing we tried. I’ll not explain it further, go and try it.

Is it worth it?

Yes. It’s fun and it’s hectic. Expect the crowds and plan to eat. They are really creative with the food, be ready.

And what did the kids say – was I right? Absolutely. The best Christmas market we have visited thus far.

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