Worst Family Vacation Destinations for 2018

While everyone is making a list of the best destinations to visit in 2018, I’ll do the list of the worst family vacation destinations for 2018. Here are the places you should avoid, because we want to have them all to ourselves.

Worst family vacation destinations 2018:

worst family vacation

1.       Scotland

It is stunningly beautiful. No scratch that. It might be beautiful but there’s rain. All the time.

You don’t want to be stuck in your wellies in July, when you could be swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

Fine, if you still have to go, then avoid Isle of Skye, north of Scotland, all the islands, Edinburgh. You can have Glasgow.

Last attempt to convince you to stay put, read some of our posts and then you don’t have t go at all. Start with: fun attractions for kids in Scotland.

2.       Japan

Unique, interesting, beautiful architecture, polite people… what’s not to like? Well, plenty. They speak Japanese for starters. Do you want to be in Tokyo and not understand anyone?

Besides they eat raw fish, kids certainly won’t be impressed.

In fact we have a whole post on reasons you shouldn’t take your kids to Japan. 15 of them. Like Japan will crush your kids’ faith in you: you will not be able to read a thing, you won’t understand a word and how will you ever answer the questions such as: what’s Confucianism and how do I become a ninja?

But OK, if you insist and find sushi irresistible, by all means go explore. To help you plan we offer some great tips.

3.       France

Butter. They use so much butter in their food, no amount of walking up and down the Eiffel tower will help you not gain weight.

Then there’s the French language. While even the most mundane things sound sexy in French, it’s painful. Painful when non-French people, myself included are butchering French trying to ask for directions. Painful when the French look at us as if we are murdering Victor Hugo. And equally painful when they try to speak English.

Yet if France is on your list, then stick to Paris, there’s not much to it on the outskirts.

Definitely avoid Brittany and Normandy. It’s France and butter along with dreadful weather and lots of sea.

Our tips to help you plan: Provence, Normandy – beware these amazing views will have you abandoning all other plans and booking a ticket to France.

Slovenia for kids

4.       Slovenia

Our home country is frankly too small to fit you in. And there’s already almost 2 million of us.

It’s also too diverse. You can be at the sea side then in the mountains in the same day. Can you imagine how heavy your suitcase would be, if you wanted to be prepared for all of it?

But OK, I get it. It’s beautiful and you are right to want to visit. Read our 50 places to visit with kids in Slovenia.

5. Singapore

Why is Singapore the worst family vacation destination? That’s easy – it’s always hot and sunny. Meaning you are stuck with flip flops. How will you ever get kids excited about the snow and cold once they have experienced the Winter in Singapore with no hats, gloves, scarfs and itchy tights.

They speak English, meaning you’ll understand everything – now what’s the fun in that.

Swimming pools are everywhere, almost every apartment building has its own. That means walking around the clean, beautiful city and then instead of resting you have to soak up in the lovely pool. That sucks.

But if you insist here’s how to make exploring Singapore with kids fun.

Finally have a lovely 2018 full of new pleasant discoveries.


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