Wish I was here again…

You know how there are days when you wish you were anywhere but where you are right now. Well, for me today is one of those days. I feel like doing nothing, but reminisce of all the trips that took us far away from home. How exciting and fun they made me feel, well still do actually. And with the help of all the great photos hubbs took, I strolled down memory lane and felt as if for a few moments I was there again. Because I can’t share them all with you, here are just a few highlights. If I could I’d again visit any of those places in a heart beat.

A fjord in Norway, Summer of 2008one of the best places where we had stopped when we drove through Scandinavia, a perfect spot to forever capture the intense beauty of Norway.

IMGP0145Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, 2006a lot can be said about our honeymoon trip to Ireland and it would all be wonderful. Still those cliffs were so impressive they best describe the untamed part of this country.

IMG_0281A beach in Tucepi, Croatia, 2007: it really wasn’t a trip, because we are here a few times every year and it’s our home away from home but nothing makes us more carefree then a week at the beach – and this one is among the best ones.

IMGP0149A street in Toronto, Canada, 2012: our first trip across the ocean to the amazing Canada. I do love nature but nothing gets my blood pumping more than a stroll down the major city center. I love big cities, I cannot lie and Toronto is definitely among top three of my favorites.

IMG_1493Barcelona, Spain, 2011: I’ll always remember this trip because I was enjoying Stela’s company while being pregnant with Tesa. And it turned out to be a perfect combination of sunbathing and sightseeing and well, not much beats this kind of view and tapas in Barcelona.


Mountains of Switzerland, 2011: if there is paradise it looks like Switzerland. That is this country in one sentence. Picture perfect scenery, excellent cheese and a mountain hut – well, that describes our week overlooking the town of Gruyer.