Farm in Slovenia

Wise Men: Are Slovenians the Best at Predicting Weather?

Slovenians have hundreds of proverbs, myths and legends all dealing with one of mankind’s greatest mysteries: predicting weather. For centuries they were closely tied and dependent on the land. They were also a lot better at paying attention to it, because then knowing will the winter be full of snow was closely tied to survival. While probably not all of these proverbs stand and there is no scientific proof that they might, they are still great, as they provide a valuable insight into the beliefs and the way life once was in Slovenia.

Farm  in Slovenia

Ce prosinec ne zmrzuje, ne snezi, rad susec to nadomesti.

If it doesn’t snow in December, it will in March.

Snow in Slovenia

Kolikokrat susca megla stoji, tolikokrat poleti ploha prigrmi.

Count the times it is foggy in March and you will now how many storms there will be in the Summer.

fog in Slovenia Ce se aprila vreme smeje, se bo kisalo kasneje.

If in April the sun is shining, it will turn sour later.  


Velikega travna mokrota, malega srpana suhota.

If it is wet in May, it will be dry in July.


Ako na mrtvih dan dezi, vreme po snegu disi.

If it rains on the All Saints’ Day, the weather smells of snow.

woods in the winterZelen bozic, bela velika noc.

Green Christmas, white Easter.

Christmas decorations Ena lastovka se ne prinese pomladi.

One sparrow doesn’t bring the Spring.

IMG_1708Rdeca zora – mokra gora.

Red dawn – wet mountain.

Lipno lake Hude nevihte ne trajajo dolgo.

Terrible storms don’t last long. 

IMG_0126Ce listje hitro odleti, vsak naj zime se boji.

If the leaves fall quickly, everyone should fear the Winter. 


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