West Fjords – What a Wonderful World

Iceland’s most remote region is famous for the rough majestic landscapes and breathtaking views. While Iceland as a whole is amazing, a place where the photographers can get a bit carried away, because it is full of untamed beauty, West Fjords are something entirely special. It must come from the fact that it’s almost deserted and travelers usually skip this part of the island, because well, there’s just so much of Iceland that beckons. But it shouldn’t be missed. The visit to the Fjords was our favorite part of the trip, where I felt my soul relax and it truly made me see – what a wonderful world.

West Fjords have a way of making all your worries feel so insignificant in the whole scope of things, they are just a drop in the vast ocean. Looking around you just can’t help yourself but to truly believe:

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.   


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