We Are All Mad Here. 25hours Hotel in Vienna

I love Vienna, it is probably one of my favorite cities, because it offers endless possibilities; shopping, visiting galleries, walking around historical buildings, keeping kids entertained. Basically there is something for everyone anytime. And I thought I have seen it all, but this time around I have also found a new place. A gem that allowed me to experience Vienna in a whole different light.

We have started our annual May trip with a night at the cool hotel called 25hours and just as the name says it offers something more. The theme of the hotel is: we are all mad here. And it is conveyed with awesome details associated with the world of circus. They have literally went from the tinniest of things and thought how can we make it unique? Creative play at its best. Like why use sinks in the restrooms, let’s use copper pans instead and why just an elevator, let’s make it a cage with bars and a screen with sharks. Boring don’t disturb signs can be so much more too.

But what impressed me as well was they don’t go overboard, every item had it’s place and it was simple, with no clutter. They were actually were smart for someone claiming to be mad. And my kids fell in love with it. They have never experienced something like it and to tell you the truth neither have the two of us. We also loved how friendly, yet unpretentious everyone we met was.

The room was a story for itself with the most beautiful view of the city. Paintings on the walls, had my kids inspired in a second and they were asking to have something along those lines at our place and for a brief moment I was tempted. But it was very brief. I though feel in love with the simplistic and minimalistic bathroom, if I could I’d transfer it into my home in a heart beat.

There is also a great terrace on top of the hotel where the two of us had a drink while kids were asleep in the room directly below. We were of course the only couple there armed with a baby monitor, but hey for a twenty minute brake, I didn’t care about the looks. For just a brief moment I too felt part of the it crowd in the hip part of Vienna.

Waking up, removing the drapes and having the city at my fingertips was just priceless. And someone else making breakfast and handing me freshly brewed coffee, hm hm. A Mom with two tots might feel she just landed in heaven, and perhaps it was for two minutes.

Then the kids got bored and we were off to the playground – conveniently located just outside the hotel. Yes, people heaven indeed, a very cool one.

But no need to take my word for it. Check these photos to make sure.hotel_soba_hdr_1 hotel_soba_hdr_3 IMG_1103 IMG_1136 IMG_1197 IMG_1223

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