All I Want for Christmas is Scotland

I am easy to please. I don’t want much. But I wish I’d wake up on Christmas morning in Scotland:

To chase my girls around the most beautiful beaches in the world.

We’ve been lucky to have seen many beaches, our favorite are still in Scotland. I only wish the sea was warm enough to swim in. Or maybe not. Then there’d be more of a crowd.


To have a cup of steaming hot Early Grey tea and scones crumbling on my plate while I wrestle my girls for a bite.

I’ve learned to make scones myself but they don’t taste as good home as they do after a walk in Scotland.

tea time

To hear the crunching gravel beneath my feet while we run and chase the sheep in front of us.


To watch the leaden clouds and believe that if I raised my hand I could touch them.

I love the moodiness of the Scottish weather, it’s as bitchy as me.


To breath at the very edge of the cliffs in awe.

This is where my mind calm downs and the thoughts declutter. I realise the importance of life.


To enjoy the wind playing around me, while I put my hands deeper in my pockets.

Despite loving to travel with my family, our trip to Scotland taught me that I need a break. I need 15 minutes to be selfish and enjoy the scenery on my very own. And I don’t even feel guilty about it.


To spend hours at the Edinburgh Castle.

The stunning Edinburgh Castle atop a rock has for centuries presided over the historical city of Edinburgh. Once a prison, it is still an attraction that captivates visitors young or old(er).

Edinburgh Castle

To be quiet and listen to the cacophony of birds flying around us.

The north of Scotland is brimming with wildlife. It’s nothing unusual to spot a horde of deer grazing unperturbed, rabbits jumping across the wide plains and pheasants hiding in the grass. But puffins play hard to get.


To believe in fairy tales.

I’d be a fool not to, when you see what is possible in Scotland.


After visiting Scotland three times, it’s still not enough. Yeah, I’ll need a lifetime of Christmas wishes.

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