Visit Slovenene Ethnographic Museum with Kids

Slovene Ethnographic Museum, housed in a sleek glass building, located near the cool alternative culture center Metelkova mesto, does a great job of introducing visitors of all ages to Slovenian heritage and culture, as well as to cultures of several other peoples of the world. But that’s just one of the reasons to visit Slovene Ethnographic Museum with kids.

Slovenian Ethnographic Museum with kids

1. Very cool location of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Let’s talk location first. The museum is not in the city center, it’s closer to Ljubljana’s railway station and Clinical Centre. But it’s here that you can find the alternative culture center of Ljubljana – Metelkova mesto. A place that never sleeps and is always a great option for a night out.

It’s also in very good company, since its neighbors are the new venue of the National Museum of Slovenia, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Slovenian Cinematheque and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. These impressive buildings were part of the ex-military barrack complex, put to much better use now.

2. Best way to learn about Slovenian heritage

The main reason for the visit is the chance to learn about Slovenian way of life through time. This is the place that will give you an idea how Slovenian people lived and still live. It’s also tells us locals about the way of life of many different cultures.

Kids and all of us who are very curious will love this museum because it’s very hands-on and there’s lots of touching, feeling, trying, listening involved in the visit.

The artifacts raging from old watches, cribs, farmers’ tools, traditional clothes… are presented in way that sparks imagination. I loved how the long wooden fishing boat stands in the middle of the room, inviting you to jump on board. We had a hard time explaining that’s not allowed to the kids.

But we more than made up once we reached the playroom at the end of the top third floor.

3. Fun activities for kids

There is a part of the museum – ethno-maze – dedicated to the kids. Here they have a chance to learn about many of the exhibits through play. They can try old games, draw, feel… The only thing worth mentioning is give them time to explore.

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The museum also hosts different activities suitable for young ones. My kids would recommend attending one of the pottery workshops on Saturday mornings. These are held at their pottery studio, which can be reached through the coffee shop next door.

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