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Show Love With Valentine’s Day Gifts From Slovenia

Slovenia is the only country to have the world love in its name. Its capital with a bit of a stretch could be translated as beloved. So, if you still can’t make up your mind on what to give on Valentine’s day to your beloved, surprise them. This Valentine’s day give them a gift made in Slovenia. Or even better promise them a visit to find out if love truly is all around this small European country.

valentine's day gifts from slovenia

Lift their spirits

Slovenia is famous for a lot of things, but one thing is for sure – it makes excellent wines known for their quality and taste. While the number might not be so impressive – 80 to 100 million liters of wine are produced annually in Slovenia. Yet almost 70% of Slovenian wines fulfill the criteria for quality and premium wines. It proves that Slovenia has great conditions for wine-growing and experts who know how to use nature’s resources to produce excellent wines.

When choosing the right bottle for a gift try the autochthonous varieties, such as Zelen or Pinela from the wine-growing region of Vipavsko or Teran, from the Karst region.

But if you think your loved one needs more of a lift me up, why not try Slovenia Vodka. It is created with the waters that flow from the Julian Alps and with just a little bit of buckwheat, a very common grain that grows wild in Slovenia. Maybe go for many different varieties of schnapps, like blueberry, honey, pear…

Say cheese

When talking about food and Slovenia you could of course chose a lot of different things, like the amazing prosciutto from the Karst region, special dessert Gibanica from Prekmurje, or potato cooked dumplings with filling – Idrijski žlikrofi.

All great options, but in my opinion I think you just can’t go wrong if you pick the amazing sheep cheese made around my favorite town in Slovenia, Bovec.  Its taste and smell are well-rounded and slightly spicy. Pair it with a perfect bottle of wine and you have yourself a winner.

Raise your glass

Enough with the food. How about finding a perfect crystal glass to toast to your happy relationship?

Slovenia has one of the leading producers of crystal ware in the world. The Rogaška trademark is at the highest level in terms of quality and design.

All about that lace

Of course, you can go for the say lingerie, but that might not be appropriate or appreciated by everyone.

But lace can make a terrific present. In Slovenia lace-making has a long tradition, the beginnings going back to the 16th century. The most famous lace around is made in Idrija, hence the name Idrija lace. While you won’t find panties, you can chose from cloths, napkins, bed linen, clothes, even earrings…

Let them bee happy

Slovenia is the only European Union Member State to have protected its native bee, the Carniolan bee. That’s just the beginning of the beekeeping story. Not only is the honey here of really high quality, you get plenty of choices – flower, forest, acacia, linden or spruce honey.

And we all know honey isn’t only delicious, it’s full of health benefits.

These days beekeepers are getting creative, so you can find other honey products if you don’t think honey itself will make the cut.

Grain of salt

It might sound weird buying salt as a Valentine’s present, when almost definitely everyone already has it. But the Piran Salt Pans are among those rare salt pans in the world where salt is produced using centuries-old processes. Those involve entirely natural crystallization and working by hand. So, a bit of a gourmet treat for all those who can appreciate it. You might also chose cosmetics using these salts for a bit of pampering.

Promise a visit

Finally, why not promise a visit to Slovenia. Include this small gem of a country to your bucket list. Come and discover where all these mentioned items come from. Walk through the vineyards, swim in the sea or hike in the hills, where plenty of other amazing things await you.


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