Unlocking the secrets of Lake Bohinj

I am biased so, when I say this is the most beautiful glacial lake, it might not be so. I have grown up watching the seasons change it, while staying virtually the same. In the winters long times ago though, I could try me twirls and triple axels, if I knew them. I did though try my balance and while it was hard to look around and do my best not to fall, there was no escaping the stunning surroundings. Summers brought the much needed refreshment; this lake is probably one of the coldest while still being comfortable to stay inside for a few minutes. With each stroke you can get closer to capturing the peaks reflecting on the water surface.

_IGP0008Everywhere you look there’s a mountain top sticking out, and trees and just one road leading you to the other end of the lake. No distractions, and sometimes no people, if it happens to be less than a perfect day. But it’s just such day that makes it count. These days that over the years make you see the lake in its true glory. 

I think sometimes it takes a local to appreciate and admit, yes, this is the best lake you will ever see. And while it is hard, because really, this is almost the only one I had the pleasure of admiring over the years, we should say it. We should be proud to claim it. So, Slovenia has the most beautiful lake, because where else can you find such unspoiled nature, clear waters hidden in the National Park where nothing but the seasons change? I keep getting different, I was a kid wobbling on my skates, I was pregnant with my first child taking a refreshing dip four days before my kid was born and now I am a Mom chasing my kids around the beach making sure they don’t fall in.

But often enough it’s not only having something that’s the best. More than that, it’s really what you do with it. How do you unlock the secrets while at the same time keep them intact? Tourists often complain how there’s not much to do that would keep them here for more than an afternoon. I agree, you definitely can’t eat the scenery and staring at it just gets old. While peace and quiet come naturally, I do think some things require thought. How do we make people see, come and stay? With tons of activities or should this rustic lake with its pristine and calm waters remain what it is?  Perfect.  Yes, I think over the years it will stay as intact as it is, defying generations of locals and impressing the tourists who come to be a part of what Nature created and we just let it be the best lake there is. 


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