Traveling to a Wedding with Kids

Here Comes the Bribe: Tips for Traveling to a Wedding with Kids

If you have family and friends, then you will definitely get invited to a wedding. Probably a wedding you will have to travel to. We just came back home from one and have realized that traveling to a wedding with kids is unlike any kind of travel we have done so far. But we pulled it off, without upsetting the bride and had a great time. Here are our tips for attending a destination wedding with kids.

Traveling to a Wedding with Kids

Tips for Traveling to a wedding with kids

It’s about the Bribe

Our girls were excited about heading to a wedding. What’s not to like getting dressed up and having a princess – the bride right in front of you. Despite the fun element, half an hour into the affair and they were bored.

Because weddings are about the bride, we resorted to bribes.

‘Please, just keep quiet for a minute and you get this… Don’t play in the dirt in this dress, at least wait until we take photos. Eat,… Oh, screw it, eat whatever you like.

I learned to let it go. My tip for you is to do the same.

So, what if the dress gets dirty, at least they found something to do, I can’t expect them to stand still. Who cares about a balanced diet, when I too am leaning towards dessert. With my mouth full of chocolate I am supposed to make kids eat cherry tomatoes? I don’t think so.

If you want to make the wedding fun for kids, then have as little rules as possible. Like clean hands when they hug the bride. Other then that….

Don’t forget the dress

For kids the best thing about the weddings is finally having a reason to dress up. OK, so this came out wrong. They believe they always have a reason to dress up. This time around I encouraged the dressing up. And I had fun with it too.

When traveling to a wedding with kids or without the luggage will look insanely different than when you head on trip. Forget, packing a pair of leggings and stuffing them in the suitcase. I had to bring push-up bras and tights, and lingerie… and had to make sure everything came to the destination without a wrinkle.

When  I otherwise travel, the most important things I pack are travel insurance, passports and money.

Going to a wedding dress, for you, the kids and hubby is right there on top of the list, as well.

Pack makeup

Then there is make up. This was one of those rare trips where I had to pack make up along. I had a few business ones, but there basic was enough. Here, I had a plethora of devices – according to Youtube vloggers all very necessary. To be completely honest, I have no clue how to use any of it.

Even after watching the videos on repeat. All I know is that they have huge eyelids if so many colors fit on them. Because on mine, it all looks like I gave up and punched myself black. Very smoky. I tell you.

If you are traveling to a wedding, forget face cream being your greatest luxury, make room for make up – preferably one you know how to use.

Lose weight?

And I never ever had to lose weight before going on a trip. That might also be the reason, why we don’t do hot Summer beaches. It’s just pressure I can live without.  No wonder I prefer Scotland – beautiful beaches but since it’s never too hot, you don’t get to take your clothes off – problem solved.

Before the wedding, I tried to lose weight, OK, honestly, I tried not to gain weight, because I don’t know why I understand the word diet as stuff yourself with more inappropriate food.

My advice to you, ladies, is to do the same as with tights – buy the stretchy one.

Be on time

Whatever you do, don’t upset the bride. That means being on time. Consider anything to do with a wedding as trying to catch the plane – meaning you have to be at the airport early.

It’s not about sightseeing

If you need a reminder, here it is: weddings aren’t a time to be sightseeing or chasing playgrounds. If you manage to get away for a cup of coffee consider yourself lucky. You go to a wedding to be at the wedding, rightly so.

But the little explorer in me, was sighing at how many cool things there were to see, yet no time to include them into the schedule.

Besides with so many stilettos and flats – I had to change half way through, we had no room for walking shoes. The sights will have to wait for another day.

So, will rest and sleep. Though we didn’t stay at the wedding overly long, because the kids were tired and frankly so were we, we didn’t get to sleep in. They were up and about at eight.  And we had to get back home to our abandoned routine.

It’s about having fun

It was back to reality, with the weekend wedding providing to be a great and fun escape. We danced, we laughed, we ate good food and spent time with our extended family, which we don’t have a chance to do very often.

Being married for over 10 years we were also happy to wish the young couple a great journey together, one we are so lucky to be navigating together – through the storms and the calms.

Let me know what you think – have you traveled to a wedding?

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