Things I learned at a concert

Things I’ve Learned at a Concert

With the enthusiasms of a five year old I jumped at the chance to go to a concert with hubby.  But once we got there, early, had to stand for hours and brave the crowds of millennials, while wondering about their parents’ parenting methods,  I’ve wondered, sincerely: ‘Am I too old or too tired for this s**t?’

Things I learned at a concert

Going to a Concert sounds cool

I feel that a full discloser is necessary, though I am aware it will make me sound lame. But here it goes: I was never a true concert goer. Admits reluctantly and waits for that horrified expression on your face. 

I did go with hubby to a few every now and then. Years ago we even went to Madonna’s concert and Kings of Leon, but mostly we pick smaller ones. Last we attended – Bear’s Den on Tour. This is the British folk rock band that we absolutely love and listen to often.

When I am sprawled comfortably on the couch many ideas sound fun. But once I have to do them in practice, I have lots of second thoughts. Still, when hubby suggested a concert, it sounded too much fun to say no to. Besides, if I am completely honest, I felt saying that I am headed to a concert, also made me sound cool. Yeah, I am one of those Moms, going to a concert. I don’t just lie on the couch and bing watch Netflix, which I do. That’s not the issue now.

Too early

The day of the concert came and my healthy dose of OCD kicked in. I double checked the if I had the tickets about 7 times. I also managed to convince hubbs we had to be at the concert at the time mentioned on those safely guarded tickets. In my case, being on time, with no kids to slow me down, means arriving early.

We parked are car, yeah, we were so on time, we had no problem finding a place, which should have been our first warning. With lots of enthusiasm we approached the small lightly lit place, where the concert was held. The second clue, I should’ve wondered about was the lack of people and the closed doors. I could count 7 people in front of us.

Like an concert goer amateur, that I am, I feigned surprise: ‘But it says seven on the ticket, what is going on?’ Hubbs just shrugged his shoulders unperturbed and waited, while I huffed and puffed trying to stay warm on a cold November night. 

Finally they let us in, but the place looks nowhere near ready to start. I am in for a long wait. By the time they start playing, my back goes from humming with pain to feeling like I entered an 80 year old woman’s body.  Who complains about their back at a concert! Wishes she was so uncool, sprawled on the couch and House of Cards on the telly!” Me.

Dressed too much

I also made the mistake dressing for this event. I know I should have the dressing part nailed, after 30 plus years. But my Mum drummed into me, that my infamous back should never be bare. So, I started with my undershirt, continued with a T-shirt and threw in a flannel shirt – just to make sure I am not cold. That’s not my Mum, that’s pure me. I also had to take the jacket, as we had to get from the car to the concert.

Let’s just say I was never cold, so my worst life fear didn’t come to life. I was however, as often in life, too hot and bothered with so many layers, I had nowhere to put.

A cool backpack?

Luckily I took a backpack with me, a cool one, like the millenials now a days wear, not one that makes me look I just came down from a mountain. By the time the concert started I had so many things – read layers of clothes inside, I had to put it between my legs, cause my back was killing me.

When does it start

With a cold beer in my hands, the wait was easier to bare and then the lights dimmed and it got quiet. I was so excited, the adrenalin kicked in, all the issues forgotten, I was ready: for the first opening act, apparently. An it was a scrawny kid, who looked barely 16. My first thought was does his Mum know he’s here and not doing his homework over at friend’s house. But he did sound great.

A new wave of excitement washed over me, as he finished, I was ready again for another act. I silently cursed in my head, then not so silently at my husband, who patiently explained the importance of opening acts. I saw none of it. I wanted my group, to be on time, and I desperately wanted to sit down. I realized I should only attend concerts at the philharmonic.

This second group was actually awesome, I listened to them often now and we are thinking of seeing them in concert. At that moment I just desperately wanted my dose of the Bear’s Den.

And finally they showed up and they were worth the wait…

The others

But as much as we wanted to immerse ourselves into their music, there were a few interruptions. In the form of other attendees. There was this young lady that must’ve been so drunk or just, well, very outgoing. She kept yelling marriage proposals to the singer. She was also very eager about it, and kept trying to come as close as possible at the expense of others. She picked a fight with the other lady who was leaning on the fence at the front of the stage and who was not budging. So, along with the concert, we had a bit of entertainment on the side.

Still, the music prevailed and even though I had complained, my back was hurting, I was hot… I loved it. I loved that I was there at the concert, not because it was cool. But because their music is so great, it inspired me, it filled me up…

I just have to remember next time, yeah, there probably will be a next time, not to be early, not to dress too much, be ready for opening acts… Maybe just have more beer and it will come together.


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