The Best Introduction to Macedonia: A Stay at Macedonian Village Resort

Away from the hustle and bustle of the capital Skopje, yet close enough to observe it and feel its rhythm, Macedonian Village Resort offers excellent views, the sound of birds chirping in the morning and a unique introduction to Macedonia. I think staying the night there was the right way to start our Macedonian adventure. And here’s why.

Macedonian Village Resort is unique

I spent hours on searching for a place to spend the night in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. I wasn’t being picky. I just wanted something, I couldn’t quiet explain.

When I finally came across Macedonian Village Resort, I said: ‘Yes. That’s it.’

It’s a hotel, but not in the conventional way. It’s a village comprised of 16 houses and built to showcase the best of the traditional Macedonian architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries. Inside those buildings there are rooms for hotel guests, while the ground floors are museums and workshops.

There are also restaurants, offering delicious food.

Location, location, location

If I tell you the resort is located 8 kilometers away from center of Skopje, up a steep hill, you’ll be wondering, why we chose it. Because of the location.


Well, it’s away from the commotion of the capital. I love cities but I value my rest more.

Traveling for hours and with two kids, I needed and appreciated the quietness the evening brought. Kids can sleep through anything, we can’t.

This place is right smack in the middle of the beautiful nature of Mount Vodno, while still offering unbelievable views of the city. We had the best without the trouble. And the parking was right in front, free of charge.

The breakfast

I have a thing for hotel breakfast, though I think I am not the only one.

You leave “your” house and walk the cobbled streets as if you were in another century, in a another place. The breakfast is served at the main restaurant with a lovely terrace. We chose our table in the early morning sunshine. The girls were too restless to sit still and wait for the food, so they hit the playground, right next to the terrace. Excellent. We kept one eye on them and the other on the food.

I try no to take photos of the food, because I always make fun of the people photographing their every grub. I couldn’t help myself here. That’s why I’ll let the photos do the talking. Let’s just say we left only a few crumbs on our plates…

Macedonian Village Resort

The room

The design of the room matches the whole story the hotel tries to convey. It’s all a great combination of stone and wood. And since it’s sparsely decorated, all those elements have a chance to stand out. But the most striking piece for me, were the beautiful traditional red blankets carefully placed on the beds. And the beds itself.

A great start

The stay here was the perfect introduction and an excellent start of our trip around Macedonia – we got a glimpse of its history, about their traditions such as pottery and weaving, we got a taste of their food and wines and we got to experience their excellent hospitality.

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