frida & fred museum

Take Your Kids to FRida & freD Museum in Graz

There are great museums that are kids friendly. And then there are museums for kids. Such is the fun FRida & freD Museum in Graz, best suited for kids between the ages of 3 to 12. Our kids loved doing the many experiments, touching, listening and trying things out because it is not only allowed but encouraged. So did we.

frida & fred museum
What to see:

FRida & freD Museum is a great place for kids ages between 3 and 12. What I loved about it, is that they let the kids learn by playing, by inventing, by tapping into their curiosity and creativity. They have a very inspiring motto “hands on – minds on”, so the whole museum is designed to encourage a hands on contact with displays.

A list of our favorite museums for kids in Europe.

There are two exhibits you can visit and which one you’ll chose depends on the age of your kids. The one for kids between the ages of 3 and 7 or one ideal for children older than 8 and above.  Since our girls are 5 and 7 we were prefect for visiting the exhibition for younger kids called a participatory mice adventure.

Frida & Fred Museum

The story is this: Kids with the help of their parents have a chance to join the inventor mice, who are guests at the museum and together they build, try and play with different things. Always inventing something new.

The exhibits also change every few months, giving you all the more reason to come visit again.

The exhibition Inventor Mice as well as the exhibition for older kids The Inventive Geniuses are on till the 26th of February 2017.

Frida & Fred Museum

If you get a chance it’s also great to check the interesting theater laboratory and other workshops. We missed the workshop on robots, yet we still had a great time. In the end it was hard getting kids to leave. We all had fun trying things out, playing, creating.

Plan your visit: 

Bear in mind the museum is closed on Tuesdays and you buy tickets for either one or both exhibitions. If there is four of you, buy the family ticket, which costs 14,50 euros per exhibition.

Just a heads up: You have to take your shoes off upon entering the exhibits. I’d recommend bringing slippers, but we were in socks only and it was still OK.


How long do you need: I’d say plan for a couple of hours to spend at the museum.

Perk: The museum is located in the Augarten park. It’s one of the most popular parks in Graz for youngster as it offers a terrific playground. At the time of our visit the playground was however generously covered with snow.

Parking: If you arriving by car, you should know the museums doesn’t have its own parking space. You have to park on the streets around it. But if you come on Saturday parking is payable only from 9 am to 1 pm.

Where to eat: We suggest you plan for lunch at the Ikea. We always try to plan our trips around it.

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