Studor 13 Welcomes You Home

Hotels, resorts, hostels, B&B’s…,these days there are countless choices of accommodation. Everywhere.  While I usually associated hostels with my solo traveling days, this weekend I have discovered they work wonderfully for family trips as well. Of course it’s all about finding the right one. And, I am glad to report we have found it. Hostel Studor 13 should be your home away for home when you are in Slovenia, base camp, ground zero for getting to know the region of Gorenjska… Well, you know what I mean. Even though I am from this region, it still got me excited. So, take it from a local:

Location, location, location

Located in the village Studor just a few kilometers away from the beautiful lake Bohinj and still close enough to lake Bled, that is definitely on everyone’s bucket list or so it should be. When visiting this region of Slovenia, it can hardly get any better. It’s perfect for exploring the gems Slovenia is really famous for, hiking in the Triglav National Park, which you should and visiting the nearby villages in search of some tasty local dishes.  And they are right next to a horse ranch, so when you’ve had your share of walking around, you can just cross the lawn and get a tour where the horse does all the work and you just enjoy the scenery.





Attention to detail

But it’s really more than that, what makes this hostel really stand out is the attention to details, starting from the whole house, where everything is in place for a reason. Tina and Andy, the friendly owners take their time to welcome you to their definitely more than a hundred year old house, which has been so wonderfully renovated that it hasn’t lost its old charm and it’s authentically Slovene.




Like coming home

I know when you travel, you want everything to be different than it is at home. But when traveling with kiddos, at the end of the day, we still try to find a place that makes us feel cozy and relaxed. And has everything we might need. The house with a mixture of wood and stone in a perfect combination and a hundred little items help evoke just these feelings. On top of it all, it’s really quiet and peaceful. While the bedrooms are very simplistic, you have all you need in the common room and in the kitchen. If you so desire, you can whip up a gourmet dinner there. You even get the free wi fi, so if you are just not in the mood to unwind, you can still have the world at your fingertips.



Breakfast included

You know what, promise of food makes me want to throw cartwheels. Yes, I am that cheep. And while the breakfast here is a simple course of cornflakes, bread and home made jams – it’s enough to start the day just right and have the kids happy as well.



Family friendly

The owners live in the house, so this hostel never gets too loud, which makes it work for families and couples. They have three rooms, two dormitory rooms with six beds and a small double room. But it’s hostel more in the name and price than in anything else. And as you can see,  we couldn’t stop taking amazing photos of it as well as of the region.  That’s is probably why the owner Andy also offers photo workshops and if you are interested, check this page out:


Tip for traveling with kids – hostels are an option as well. Hm, it now makes finding the right accommodation that much harder.

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