Step Aside Lonely Planet: Kids Pick the Best in Travel 2018

Lonely Planet recently reviled their list of the Best in Travel 2018. There are top countries, top cities, top best value and top regions – hey Slovenia’s Julian Alps are on. They recommend some really great places. Their list got me wondering, what would my kids – as great travel experts put on their list. Of course the first problem when I asked was, what exactly is a city and what is a country, etc. So, I put the list in order, but here it is the best in travel 2018 by kids.

Best in Travel 2018 by kids

The best city – Singapore

best in travel 2018 by kids

When we talk about their favorite place to visit – Singapore is top of the list.

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It’s a really great city and there’s much to love about it: many great sights for kids, fun Sentosa island, abundance of pools, it’s clean and it’s very safe.

The best island – Isle of Skye

Lonely Planet might not have the list of the best islands, but if it did, my kids are sure Isle of Sky would top it. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful nature and wander the many hills. Or stay at the beach on a nice day and throw pebbles into the sea.

The best country – Japan

Japan is so unusual that it’s great. It’s a true culture shock for us adults, but kids take it in stride.

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They’ll love the food, the architecture, the trains and they’ll be amazed how friendly and nice everyone is.

The best fun – Gardaland

Another place and list Lonely Planet might neglect, but for kids fun is essential. According to my kids Gardaland is where you can have the most fun, without having to be overly creative and relay on yourself.

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But don’t worry there’s plenty of rides for adults too and even toddlers won’t be disappointed. It’s safe to say the whole family will enjoy the visit.

Best value – Bosnia

Of course my kids couldn’t pick the winner in this category, because it’s the two of us who foot the bill, but they’d agree that it’s a beautiful country that should definitely be on the list.

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Especially because it’s still very affordable and not crowded with tourists.

Best region – Croatian Istria

Rovinj with kids

Last April we fall in love with the  town of Rovinj, located in the Croatia’s region of Istria. When I hear Istria, I think of rolling hills, picturesque villages, but most of all olive oil, wine and truffles. Kids inform me the best of Istria for kids should include more than that. Like the beach to start with.

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Best in Slovenia – River Soča and Trenta Valley

Being from Slovenia, we have to have a category for the best in Slovenia. But it’s a tough one since, I am sorry, but Slovenia is gorgeous and you can’t just pick one. But a place really out of this world is Trenta Valley and the emerald green river Soča.

There you have it. I think we can safely say – Lonely Planet step aside and let the Coolkidz take over.



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