soriska planina

Take a Hike: Soriska planina With Kids

“Why do we have to go up? I don’t want to, it’s too far.” It’s hard answering my kids when I feel the same way. I absolutely hate hiking but I love the reward for persevering. The amazing views.  Soriska planina has stunning ones. It’s definitely worth a hike. Even the kids agreed.

soriska planina

getting to soriska planina

You can get to Sorsika planina from Bohinj or through Skofja Loka. We prefer to drive through Skofja loka and the small villages nestled in the valley with the river Selska Sora meandering through. While each places is picture perfect, you should stop at Železniki and Sorica.

why soriska planina

The best thing about Soriska planina is the hut with delicious homemade food, herbal tea they make using the herbs they gathered themselves on the mountains. It right on the starting point. You don’t need to bother with hiking to be able to enjoy the treats. Unless you’d feel guilty, like I would.

soriska planina
the hike

We left the hut in the background as we took on the mighty hill, which in Summer serves as the grazing ground for cattle and in the winter it’s a small skiing slope. Thus it’s straightforward and dull. Stones overgrown with grass. After a few initial moments of excitement, we were nowhere near the top and the complaining began.

First it was just I am thirsty. Ten further steps it was I am hungry. Another then I am thirsty. You get the pattern. Followed by the simple: “Why are we doing this?”

The sun was shining, I had dressed for the dead of winter. I was sweating and keeping the kids entertained. “Look a grasshopper. There’s a bug. Wow, what a stone.”

I don’t need the kids to nag. I can do it all on my own. The voice in me kept telling me: “You know they are right, this sucks. You are not made for hiking. Go back. You have a good book in the backpack, just go back and read it.”

How then do I explain to kids and myself this is a good thing? I promised them the same thing I promised myself. The views. For half an hour of listening to this and moving my legs where they don’t want to go, they better be freakin’ awesome.

I made the last few steps bended like an octogenarian. The kids however sprinted to the top.

soriska planina
the views are worth it

The views were wonderful: a sea of clouds beneath us with only a handful of the highest mountain tops piercing through.

We lay on the blanket we put on the floor, ate croissants, drank tea and soaked up the stunning surroundings. It was well worth it.

Ten minutes in, we were up for more walking, I kid you not.

The mountain range offers more summits close by and only a short easy walk away.

soriska planina
the bunkers

There are a lot of bunkers strewn across the mountains here, remnants of the time between the wars. They are very interesting to explore, all clean and well preserved. I was scared to take a look inside, but I did and it’s nice, albeit still scary.

After a short history lesson, the kids had all the majestic nature as a playground and with a little imagination it offered them hours of fun. In the meantime we were cuddled on the blanket, enjoying the serenity for a few moments. Oh, yeah, hiking is fun once you are on the blanket, feet kicked up in the air.

The hike back down was rather uneventful with a stop for well deserved treats at the hut, that has a few swings and a playroom inside for the kids.


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