Hunting down Adventures at Sneznik Castle with Kids

Hidden in the deep lush woods and surrounded by water Sneznik Castle will make you think you’ve stumbled into a fairytale. It gets better because this is one of the few castles still furbished with original furniture from the 19th century.

About Sneznik Castle

Despite loving history, I’ll not bore you with too many details. Here are the few most interesting ones:

  • The castle built on the rock ledge first served as an outpost for travelers and merchants to Rijeka.
  • It had many owners. The first were Aquilleian patriarchs, who owned it between the 10th and 11th century.
  • Since then, it has changed hands, interior, and exterior many times.
  • The last family to own it was the princely family Schonburg-Waldenburg. They never lived in the castle, but it served as their provincial hunting manor.
  • They also landscaped the surroundings in the English park fashion.
  • During the Second World War, both the Germans and the partisans had targeted the castle. And it was the last warden of the castle that managed to have it sparred.
  • After the war, it was taken from the family. Now it’s under the management of the National Museum of Slovenia.
The Egyptian room at the Sneznik Castle.

Why visit?

There are plenty of reasons. But I’ll make it easy with the best three:

The castle is uniquely located in the foothills of Sneznik forrest. You can take different paths, explore the woods, walk to the pond and take in the beautiful nature surrounding it. That’s why I believe the best time to visit is in the Spring or the Fall. Unfortunately, it rained heavily on our visit, so we only managed to get a taste of it. We’ll have to come back for more.

The castle offers a step back into the 19th century. You can admire the originally furnished daily salons, bedrooms, dining rooms, library, unique Egyptian room, and many more rooms. On display are also different artifacts such as the family piano, the billiard table, books, a wheelchair etc.

Since the castle served as a hunting manor, there are plenty of hunting trophies throughout. Let the kids try and count them – it’s an excellent game to play and keep things interesting.

Sneznik Castle and the pond.

Where is Sneznik Castle located?

Sneznik Castle is located in the Notranjska region of Slovenia, about 69 kilometers away from Ljubljana.

How to get to Sneznik Castle?

The easiest way is by car. If you won’t have a car than I suggest using a bus. You will need to look for the timetable for the buses stopping at the bus station “Stari trg pri Ložu”.

Where to park?

There’s a free car park 100 meters away from the castle.

How much does it cost to visit Sneznik Castle?

A family ticket that includes two adults and two kids cost us 12 euros.

Keep in mind that at this moment, you can only visit by prior notice. We called on our way to the castle and were lucky they had availability. Only eight people at a time can visit the castle, and they admit them on the hour.

When is Sneznik Castle open?

It is open all year round, except on all the major holidays ( January 1, November 1 and December 25). It’s best to check the times on their official website.

Will the kids like it?

Absolutely. Kids will get a kick out of the giant stuffed bear at the foyer of the castle. They’ll also enjoy seeing the children’s rooms and admire their tiny beds.

Don’t miss the walk around the castle, the kids will definitely love it.

What else is there to do around Sneznik Castle?

Explore nature. Special treats are:

  • Lake Cerknica
  • Lake Bloke
  • Krizna cave

 You can also get married at the castle ?.

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