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Fun Attractions For Kids in Scotland

Scotland is more than just a combination of rain, moors and cliffs. It actually offers far more: plenty of fun attractions for kids in Scotland to enjoy and many of them are completely free. Let the kids count and chase sheep, collect sea shells on the beach and drink gallons of tea a day… Here are our favorite things the whole family can do.

1.Count and chase sheep

Did you know that Scotland has more sheep than people? Our girls were amazed by the numbers and their favorite thing to do was ran around and try to catch them. They never got a chance to pet them.

sheep in Scotland

2. Tea time

We took the rain as a sign or more precisely as the right time to indulge in tea and scones. Lucky for us Scotland has plenty of rain (even though it’s supposedly a dry season now) and is dotted with small, quaint looking tearooms. There was plenty of places to chose from. A plate of soup with a freshly baked scone, a slice of the Victorian sponge cake and cups of steaming tea – there was nothing to complain about.

Among all of the tearooms we visited on out trip, our favorite was without a doubt Cups in Scrabster. If you are ever in the neighborhood, pay them a visit.

tea time

3. Highland Folk Museum

Britain’s first open air museum has no entry charge and is a great place for the whole family to learn about Scottish Highlands. Over 30 historical building show how the Highland people lived and worked from the 1700s up till the 1960s. The kids were very found of the class room where we all learned how to write properly. And we got a real insight in what a difficult life it was in these parts 1700s.

You can easily spend half a day at the Highland Folk Museum, walking leisurely around the buildings. There is also a lovely playground, you will not want to miss or kids will not let you miss.

Highland Folk Museum4.  Beaches

After visiting the beaches of Scotland I can now safely claim they have some of the best ones. I’ll be doing a post just on that in the upcoming days. Because even the Mediterranean would kill for these.

They are so special and unique due to no crowds and plenty of space that taunts you and the kids. They can chase each other, do cartwheels, run from the waves and play with their bucket and spade. 

We wanted to spend our days just exploring the beaches and had all our lunches on places like these. 

beaches in scotland

5. Loch Ness

The story of Loch Ness and Nessy, the monster is perfect to get the kids intrigued about the visit as they tried to figure out the best way to lure the monster out on the surface of the lake.

“Let’s throw bread crumbs in the lake late at night and then hide behind the trees and wait for her.” was the winning suggestion.

Yet it yielded no results. We are sad to inform you, but it eluded us. Luckily the ruins of Urquhart Castle proved to be enough of a distraction.

Loch Ness

6. Castles

Scotland is famous for more than 3,000 castles. They are set on the most beautiful locations and are one of the many other reasons kids will never want to leave Scotland. Our favorite was the Edinburgh Castle, but we were also intrigued by the Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, located about 3 miles north of Wick on the east coast of Caithness and we learned all about the Windsors at Castle Mey, former Summer home of the Queen Mother.

Castle May


7. Animals

After the lovely Inverness is nothing more than a speck in your rear view mirror, Scotland becomes a true wilderness and on our way up North we encountered and had to stop to admire wild deer, rabbits and pheasants.

On our hikes around the cliffs we finally laid eyes on puffins – I was so excited, as this was my long time wish came true.

The girls were also lucky enough (I hope they realize it) to spot three seals hiding among the rocks of a bay.


8. Cliffs

The rugged and untamed coastline is my favorite part of Scotland. But this is the kind of wilderness kids will enjoy as well.

There have to be rules though as this is isn’t the place for playing. If they want to run around, they can do so by moving further away.

Hold hands and never venture too close (as you will still be able to see amazing Scottish coast).

cliffs scotland
9. Playgrounds

Even though we have playgrounds at home, we still have to stop and visit others. They do make great pit stops on our road trips and they are a perfect chance to meet the locals. They almost make me feel like a local, almost as if I am saying: “Well, we are rather on this slide, than in the gallery with a bunch of other tourists.”

playground in Edinburgh10. Lighthouses

I have to finish with another one of our favorites, as it combines what we came to truly love about Scotland: unyielding coastline, dotted with sheep, grazing on the lush green cliffs and navigating the strewn rocks, birds fluttering over, chasing the food for their young, hidden coves and distant beaches. Lighthouses as jewels in the crown that is Scotland.


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Tell me what you think – am I right, wrong, have you been, want to go, what is your favorite part of Scotland…
  2. Tell me what I am missing – any places you’d add?

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