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Road-trip Songs for Cruising around Slovenia

Slovenia has more than 38.900 kilometers of roads and they take you to the most amazing places: from a fog ridden capital of Ljubljana to the vast clear skies of Portoroz, from plains of Prekmurje to the high peaks of Gorenjska region and to lakes, over passes, they connect remote villages and they overcome labyrinth of towns. It’s not enough for a road-trip in its true meaning, because two hours tops and you reach your destination, but it’s sufficient to both enjoy the view and not get tired of the driving.

Logarska ValleyNo ride is however perfect without the accompanying music and if you want to immerse yourself in Slovenia, then you have to put on some Slovenian songs. Here is the list of the best ones along with the suggestion on which road to take while blasting it…

  •  Siddharta – Piknik, listen to it while driving from Bled to Bohinj

This year celebrating 20 years of existence, they are Slovenia’s favorite band. Performing from hard rock anthems to mellow ballads, all of their songs are perfect for driving around Slovenia. But Piknik, from their latest album is ideal for a ride on a hot Summer day. Starting soft and talking about picnics then delves into a terrific chorus. It reminds me of the road connecting Bled to Bohinj, from one lake to another, following a river, it’s just like a song, easy, with every turn opening up new views. To get into the true mode, I would scroll down my windows, take my hand out and let the wind draw shapes with it.

Since Piknik, is not yet available on Youtube, here is another one from the same album, which could work perfectly as well.

  • Avseniki – Na Golici, from Begunje to Trzic

Their fame knows no borders and neither does the music they perform. Na Golici was composed in 1954 and has been covered more than 600 times all over the world. This upbeat polka is bound to make a party go crazy and you could listen to it in any part of the Alps, though the name means on hill Golica.  But the minute I put it on, I think about the steep path, crossing mountains and connecting the birth town of Slavko Avsenik, the composer of the song to Trzic, which is the starting point of your ascend to a pass leading over the border to Austria.

  • Vlado Kreslin – Z Gorickega v Piran, from Goricko to Piran

An easy song, like the plains of Prekmurje, it takes you over half of Slovenia to my favorite town on the coast, Piran. The ideal background for cruising slowly, not minding the many traffic jams along the way, especially during the Summer.

  • Gusti and Polona – Makova Polja, from Koper to Dragonja

I am not really sure where in Slovenia you can ride among the fields of poppy, there are however great stretches of corn, barely or potatoes. Not as romantic, I know. But a ride from Koper to Dragonja, over rolling hills will make you believe you have stumbled upon Tuscany, small villages, olive groves and vineyards. Combined with the mellow sounds of this songs you are bound to fall in love all over again.

  • Perpetuum Jazzile – Slovenija, od kod lepote tvoje,from Kamnik to Logar Valley

Another great songs describing the beauties of Slovenia. If you haven’t had a chance to see all of them for yourself, then put this song on and get the cliff notes version. The ride over the hills from Kamnik to the stunning Logar Valley, believed to be one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in the Alps, will definitely make you a believer.

  • Trkaj – Hej ti, driving around Ljubljana

While a relatively petite capital, it has a charming downtown, parts of it finally closed to traffic. But cruise around it, in the evening, with rolled windows and sing along with Trkaj. It will add to the experience of the city, allowing you to see it and experience it in a whole different light.

I hope you have a nice time discovering Slovenia and remember to be safe on the roads.


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