Row, row, row … rent a kayak in Ljubljana

River Ljubljanica enhances the beauty of Slovenia’s capital. But it’s more than just a charming backdrop. So hop on a boat, or better yet explore the river itself at your own leisure. Here’s how to rent a kayak in Ljubljana, or a canoe.

Rent a kayak in Ljubljana
Rent a kayak in Ljubljana

Fun facts about river Ljubljanica

  • The source of the river is near the town of Vrhnika.
  • It’s 41 km long.
  • It is often referred to as the river with seven names because it’s actually the continuation of several karst rivers.
  • It was an important route all throughout history, dating back to the Roman times, so it’s still a very interesting archeological site.
  • The river embankments you can admire today in the city’s center are the work of the famous architect Jože Plečnik.

Exploring the river Ljubljanica

You have several options to get better acquainted with the river and see the city in a whole new light.

Boat cruise on Ljubljanica

The boats depart from one of these places: under the Butcher’s Bridge, at Ribji trg, at Dvorni trg, at Špica, and at the Gallus Embankment. You can’t miss the big boards advertising the cruises as you walk on the embankment.

The price of the boat cruise is around 10 to 12 euros for adults and 5 to 6 euros for kids.

They all generally follow the same route but still check to see what you’ll get. For more information check this site.

Rent a kayak in Ljubljana

We had done the cruise once and while it was nice, it can be crowded and might not to be best suited to your needs. Though you don’t need to do anything but sit and enjoy the ride, which after a long day of exploring might be exactly what you’d enjoy.

But if you want to explore the river and the city at your own leisure and if you still have energy left, I recommend you rent a kayak in Ljubljana, or a canoe or even a sup, whichever you prefer.

We rented canoes and had so much fun.

Where to rent a kayak in Ljubljana?

We rented our kayaks or actually it was two canoes at Bober Marine, which as it turns out is also a great place to have a drink.

The other option is Kajak Kanu Klub Ljubljana and they rent kayaks as well as canoes.

How much does it cost to rent a kayak in Ljubljana?

For our canoes we paid 20 euros – that is 2 canoes for 1 hour. The price for the kayaks is the same, which is 10 euros per boat per hour. You can also rent a boat for a longer period if you need more time.

Is it safe to do it alone?

Yes, you are provided with life jackets but the river is calm and lazy, so it’s safe. Yet it can get busy, so be careful and stay in your “lane”.

It’s also great fun for the kids and a nice way to work up your appetite.

For more great things to do with kids in Ljubljana check out our Kids’ Guide to the Best of Ljubljana.

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