Recap of Our Summer Getaways

I know that summer officially isn’t over. According to the weather outside though, it might seem as if it hasn’t even started. But I can’t really complain. I have loved every moment of it. Perhaps there could’ve been a bit less rain, temperature wise it was near perfect. Because I am almost sure there is no chance we’ll have a repeat next year I am already planning our vacation in Norway, or Scotland, Faeroe Islands or Greenland, basically as close to the North Pole as we can get.

But like I said this summer was more than we could’ve asked. And with the beginning of September, everyone coming back to work, kids (though luckily not mine yet) returning to school… life gets more hectic and more crowded. So, before it happens, I wanted to do a recap of all the amazing places we’ve managed to visit over the weekends, perhaps giving you an idea for your next little getaway. And I know I have started the #captureSlovenia on Instagram meant only for the summer, but have changed my mind and will keep on posting photos of all the lovely places in Slovenia. You are of course more than welcome to join me.


We started our summer in Makarska, Croatia, our home away from home. On the beach with our kids, no worries, just taking it easy.

makarska 1

We visited the Land of Slovenian Fairy tales in Bled, where we were regular guest during the weekends.


We went camping to Millstatter lake and drove on the Nockalm Alpine Road.


Our friends invited to us to spend a weekend with them and discover the beautiful Cerkno region and I finally got the chance to visit the Franja partisan hospital, that’s been on my bucket list forever.


The best thing about the summer heat is swimming in Lake Bohinj and because this time around there was none, we could only marvel at its beauty from the shore. And discover the Mostnica gorge.


We visited the mountain Uskovnica and picked wild strawberries along the way.


The final camping trip of this year was back in Austria, at a small but very warm Langsee lake, near the fairy tale Hochosterwitz castle.


One weekend also took us to Zadar, Croatia and we enjoyed the mixture of swimming in the sea and exploring the city center, just in time to catch what is said to be the most amazing sunset.


And when we couldn’t get away we stayed in Ljubljana and it felt like being somewhere else, filled with tourists, brimming with events and possibilities, it was as if had gone on a long trip.


After writing all of it down like this, it seems a lot but there are plans for much, much more for the months to come. So, subscribe to the blog  and don’t miss it.

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