Railway Museum

Take the Kids to the Railway Museum in Ljubljana

Many years ago, I packed my bags and left my hometown. I climbed a train, waved my parents goodbye and moved to Ljubljana, where I was to study for the next four years. Only a 50 minutes’ train ride, it opened up a whole new world. No wonder I love trains. But it’s love I share with many.  If you are one of them, then exploring the Railway Museum is a must and bring along the kids, they will have so much fun.

Railway Museum

Climb aboard with us and get ready to learn about the railways and trains in Slovenia and beyond. We share our tips for visiting the Railway Museum in Ljubljana:

First the Locomotives

Enter the main building, where you buy your tickets. The main building also houses the most stunning part of the museum: the exhibition of the many locomotives. We were all in awe and a bit frightened too by all the imposing looking steam locomotives.

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