Pop-up London

Coolkidz Review: Pop-up London

I want my kids to love books. Because it’s a relationship that only gets better. They get to live a thousand lives, visit far away places, laugh, learn or cry while never leaving the couch.  Who am I kidding! That doesn’t sound fun to my kids. So, I need to be creative and show them it really is. Jennie Maizels’ book called Pop-up London is the answer. It’s perfect to get kids excited about reading and exploring. London at the touch of their hand.

Pop-up London

why read POP-Up london?

Jennie Maizels’ Pop-up London is a terrific book for kids because it inspires reading.

There are bits and pieces of text on every page. But just the most interesting facts, delivered in a interesting way. It’s always turn this around, lift the flaps, discover secrets…

Did you know that Hamleys was one of the largest and most famous toy shops, attracting five million visitors a year? I know that my kids are going to make us go for a visit once we get to London.

And see around 50 other things you can do with kids in London.

to explore london…

That is actually the reason to read the book. To explore London. It’s one of the best cities in the world. OK, so that is my opinion. It doesn’t make it any less true.

With this pop-up book my kids have London in the palm of their hand. And they love touching all the buildings, moving whatever they can. It’s a book but it’s also a great toy.

Their favorite is still to open and close the Tower Bridge and they do it a million times. And yet it still holds.

Pop-up London

Pop-up London is really a book that lasts and it’s interesting for many years. First it’s just fun to have it all pop-up on the page and they spend more time playing with it.

As the kids get older they read the facts and it can be their first guide book… I can’t wait to take them to London. I want to see the look on their face when they see Tower Bridge in person. Talk about toys coming to life.

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