Plus-Plus toy building blocks review and giveaway

2013-08-13 20.00.47My kids love to play. I guess all kids do. And I love to play too. Playing with my kids now makes me remember just how much. We have a lot of toys, but I am OK as long as the girls play with them. And we do, we have make believe tea party and we cure our dolls and we build only to have it all destroyed by Tesa. Recently we got really cool building blocks made by a Danish company called Plus-Plus. The blocks come in different sizes, the shapes are all the same and the colors vary as well.

What’s really nice is that compared to other block these give you the freedom of creating anything you can think of as long as you are just smart and creative enough. There are no instructions, meaning it’s all up to the child, there are just photos of what can be done. Stela loves it, the minute she got them out, she was hooked and we spent every evening last week putting them together in different shapes. It’s really funny how now she only does 2-D while I immediately had to give 3-D a go. I truly think it’s a toy that grows with you, being interesting for a longer period of time and at the same time fit for everyone. Except for those under three as the block are small and Tesa did try to taste them, but eventually found her fun in just destroying our creations and throwing them on the floor.

It’s also a great toy to take when you’re going somewhere. We took a day trip last week and had them with us when we went for lunch. It gave us a moment of peace as the kids engaged in building.

The toy already gained popularity because it’s just so simple yet it gives you so many options and possibilities and for once it’s all about your imagination and trying to pull it off. They’ve got awards (such as the ”Most popular New Product”at the Ed Expo trade show in Atlanta, USA, January 2013) and are praised by many, including us.

IMG_20130822_063158[1]And here is your chance to try it out as I am giving one package away. Enter the giveaway following the instructions. Good luck and happy playtime!

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