Falling in Love With Plitivice Lakes National Park

Driving from Slovenia to our home away from home – Makarska we constantly pass amazing sites. But we rarely take the time to explore them in depth. Well, on this occasion we decided to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, situated in central Croatia and a part of UNESCO World Heritage. Immediately upon the visit, you realize why.

Batur's at PlitviceParadise. That’s how I would describe it. Natural wonder without comparison. Only in nature is it possible to see such beauty without it being corny. If I saw it in a movie, I’d think they had exaggerated it, over embellished. But in reality realize how amazing nature truly can be and it makes you go above and beyond to protect it.

Plitvice Lakes photoThe park offers many different routes, ranging from eight hours to somewhere between two to three.

Tesa and me at PlitviceWith so many kids we decided to take the shortest one. At the second entrance to the park you can board the small bus which leads you to the top and then you descend by foot till you get back to the small boat, which takes you across one of the lakes, to the entrance again.

If you decide to take a stroller and my advice is you should, since there is a lot of walking, make sure it’s a light one. There are plenty of stairs and you’ll need to pick it up and carry it a few times.

Cousins restingAlso bring along food and water, since the restaurants are only at the entrance, otherwise it’s just you, hordes of other tourists and nature. There is however something about hunger, kids and being outside, it seems to be intertwined. We are never hungry when we’re home, the minute we are out it’s meal time. Don’t forget hats, sunscreen lotion, long sleeves for the times you’re walking through the forest and good walking shoes and I think that about covers it.

Plitvice is truly a trip worth taking with plenty of things to see. That part of Croatia truly holds a special wild appeal, that awakens a lost appreciation for the land and for the simple way of life.

Where to stay:  House Mara –http://www.housemara.com/house.php?lang=eng, conveniently located just a few kilometers away from the park in Korenica. It has simple, comfortable rooms, a huge playground for the kids outside, breakfast in the morning and the owner who makes you feel as if you have come to visit your friends.

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