Play Travel during Quarantine

Play Travel During Quarantine

From day trips, to weekend getaways and long travels, our world has shrunk to our home, to our city and to the four of us. I am not going to complain, neither do our kids. We talk about past adventures, long for new ones, but we found ways to play travel during quarantine.

Play Travel during Quarantine

5 Ways to Play Travel during Quarantine

Let’s go camping

For weeks our days have been so similar, that I can’t tell them apart. We are at home: for work, for school, for lunch, for everything except when we go for a walk or to the local shop. To spice things up, the girls decided to turn their room into a camp and went camping for the weekend.

They put the mattresses on the floor, brough sleeping bags and fold up chairs, they made a provisional tent using sheets and blankets …

They ate their dinners in the camp.

Set up a gallery

I am crazy about museums and galleries. Up until now, I thought my family endured the visits to these places, because of me. But it turns out, they enjoyed them, too. Because one day I found the girls opening a gallery and inviting us for a visit.

They watched different drawing tutorials on Skillshare and created amazing drawings. It also kept them busy for a few afternoons.

Few days later, they put the art on the wall of their room and we had a gallery for a week. I was a frequent visitor.


It’s stressful but packing is also exhilarating as it’s the beginning of a trip. Our girls brought their suitcases from the celler and spent hours packing their things.

They then proceeded to make train and airplane tickets and were pretending our apartment was a busy airport terminal and they were running to catch their next flight.


Despite finding many different walks around our neighborhood, we have walked them all, countless times. We spice these walks up, by talking about our favorite adventures: our favorite mishaps, the best food we had, the best hotel we stayed at … That’s hotel Amarin, without a doubt.

It’s wonderful since we never took the time before. We were busy planning or doing something else.

Today we can enjoy revisiting those moments and be thankful we had a chance to experience them.

Play family games

We take a few family games on every trip and we play them almost every night, ignoring the TV and phones. Instead we are together, playing, laughing …

We have brought this tradition to quarantine. We don’t do it every night, but we have a game night once a week, when we eat junk food and play games, just like we do when we are traveling.

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And I am sure our kids are going to inspire us to find more ways to add adventure and play travel during quarantine. Let’s stay safe and stay at home.

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