Hvar Island

Photo Friday: Hvar Island

Secluded coves, historically rich towns, lush vineyards make Hvar island one of Croatia’s most popular destinations. It is known as an island of superlatives; the longest, the sunniest and the trendiest place in the Adriatic Sea. But I have gotten to know and fall in love with it its mysterious, secluded and serene side.

Hvar Island

Hvar is my definition of perfection.

Hvar rubs shoulders with Croatia’s most visited city – Dubrovnik. And it’s hard not to see its appeal.  Since it’s known to be the sunniest place in the country, it’s a safe bet for a visit any time of the year. It also suits any visitor, whether you are a history buff, food connoisseur or a serious party animal – not many clubs compare to the ones in Hvar Town. Hvar will be perfect even if you are in search of an ideal location for your next family vacation. Then you can go for more serene and quiet places like Stari Grad and Jelsa.

On our last visit to Hvar, we only caught a glimpse of its magic. We have found our piece of perfection in a secluded cove that was guarded by the steep hills covered with pine trees and vineyards. The southern part of the island provides plenty of them. The air was a constant mixture of wild flowers’ and herbs’ aroma, combined with the aromatic whiff of the sea. This is how a Summer smells. And my over active imagination was tickled by the remnants of an old dwelling and while sunbathing I couldn’t help but wonder about its story. I made one up for the kids, but I bet that the real one is way more exciting. Because the place was beautiful and serene no one would want to leave it willingly. Even just a taste and it was hard for us to go back.

Here is our favorite view of Hvar:

Hvar Hvar Hvar Hvar


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