Photo Friday: Beer and Burger Festival Ljubljana

Ljubljana is slowly but surely becoming the food capital of Slovenia. There is so much variety on offer, everyone’s taste buds will be satisfied. Tourist can get their share of the local cuisine and locals can indulge in the exotic meals. And the Open Kitchen project taking place every Friday from Spring to the Fall, keeps us all sated by offering the best food there is at the moment. There is absolutely no reason to complain when it comes to food in Ljubljana.

Especially when the makers of Open Kitchen organize an event such as the Beer and Burger Festival and gather around experts to come prepare it. This year it took place in April, but if you perhaps missed it, you will get another chance in July and in October.



A few tips for the visit: make sure you can make it and be hungry, come early to avoid the crowds and try as many burgers as you can.

Don’t worry about the kids, ours enjoyed the burger that came with the fries and then they kept themselves busy by playing on the square, giving us a chance to enjoy every bite. When it comes to the beer, here is a list of great Slovenian craft breweries you should look up.


A few photos to further convince you, but they come with a warning: you might get hungry after watching them:


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