Tranquility in Bali

Photo Friday: Bali Tranquility

For many the Indonesian island of Bali is a synonym of tranquility. After visiting it, I have to agree. Because despite traveling with two young kids, I was able to find my piece of serenity. I didn’t really need much, just to watch the sea, the waves hitting the shore with the ever changing pace. It made all my troubles magically disappear. It probably helped being so far from them in the first place, too. None the less, how could you be anything but happy, spending your days in what many would describe as paradise; beautiful landscapes, people who always smile and long stretches of beach with coconut trees reaching the sky.

Hubby caught many great moments of our time spent in this stunning haven. But the one I chose for this week’s Photo Friday perfectly captures my moment of Bali tranquility. I promise though to dedicate the whole post to further describe our time in Indonesia.


“smell the sea, and feel the sky,

let your soul & spirit fly”

Van Morrison


Tranquility in Bali


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