Our kids’ favorite toys

I don’t know how it happens, but you go from an almost empty house to a home filled with toys. It seems like it happens over night. There was nothing to now stepping on toys on every step. Our house is like a minefield. I keep cleaning and putting them away and they keep resurfacing with unimaginable speed. I have put on a veto on buying new toys, but they still seem to sneak into our domain.

But who doesn’t like toys and how can there ever be enough. I like playing with them and every time we are at a toy store I am more like a child than the two of them. Yesterday, I read an article about the Toy Fair in New York, which ended just two days ago. Editors of the Parenting magazine found some awesome new toys, so you better check out their site:

http://www.parenting.com/gallery/toy-fair-2013?lnk=hp&loc=main1 .

I am already thinking what my girls might like, but for now they truly have enough. Especially since they play with only a few of them. Here are our absolute favorite toys and remember we have little girls:our fave toys

  • Tea set – a must. We used to play with a real one, until I said that’s enough and bought one just for her to play with. Stela loves pouring and making us tea or coffee. Anything to do with kitchen actually.
  • Lego Duplo Creative Cakes – really fun. This is a great toy, as you can make so many different cookies and cakes, just by using your imagination. On top of all you get a nice platter to carry it around. Even I love to play with it. It also goes along great with our tea set – so we can have a real tea party.
  • Doctor set – I encouraged Stela to play doctor, because it seems to help every time we have a doctor’s appointment. She is less afraid, because she knows what will happen and the doctor’s are even nicer to her, as she shows genuine interest in what they do.
  • Plush dog from Fun with Spot – her absolutely number one toy. She takes him to bed. He has traveled everywhere with us and he has become like our third child. We almost lost him in Ottawa, luckily the disaster was prevented, as hubby and Stela went back to the hotel to look for it. We are all very attached to it.
  • Manhattan Toy Groovy girls – Tesa loves her soft doll. That’s her favorite toy. This is one out of a collection of different dolls. They are all dressed in a fun way, have highlights in their hair, are soft and light. Like a little black dress is a must in every woman’s wardrobe, so is a little doll a must for any gal and these might just be the cutest ones.
  • Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks – these are just great for us all. We build – they tear down. The blocks are brightly colored and come in many different shapes – all great for learning as well. They are light but compact – so I expect it’s a toy we’ll be able to keep for our grandkids 🙂

So, come on let’s go play!

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