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Best idea: Open Kitchen Ljubljana

I am not a picky eater, I’ll basically enjoy anything that doesn’t require me to slave behind the stove. It’s not that I don’t know how to cook. I do, I can follow a recipe to a T, but it’s just too much work. I prefer someone else doing all the work and me enjoying the food. That is why I love to eat out. We have been busy and through the years, we’ve visited many restaurants in Ljubljana. But we have found only a few that all four of us enjoy.  That’s why Open Kitchen is so great.

open kitchen ljubljana

We love open kitchen

For that reason, we fell in love with the Open Kitchen.

Every Friday from mid-March to October the square in the downtown Ljubljana turns into a busy market filled with stalls of delicious food.  Restaurants from Ljubljana and other parts of Slovenia showcase their treats side by side, while you get to pick your favorite.

In a tight space you get to travel where ever your mouth desires; you can stick to Slovene delicacies or try a piece of Egypt, Russia or Thailand, perhaps more of meat person, well then you’ll get a kick out of the Argentinian steaks. Vegans? Don’t worry, they have you covered with the most delicious desserts, and on it goes.

Trust me, even the pickiest of eaters, wouldn’t go hungry here. Or thirsty, with all the great wine and amazing beer.

You can certainly have your pick here. Sit down, if you can find a spot, listen to the music, watch the crowds and enjoy both the great food and the inspiring atmosphere.

Kids love it to. Ours are picky at home, but the moment we come here, all bets are off, they will eat just about anything.

IMG_0867I often complain how there is not much going on in the city, but this project and how it was accepted really proves me wrong. Yes, the city and it’s people are alive and kicking, so let’s hope there are more great ideas just waiting to be realized. If they are about someone else cooking and me just enjoying food, I’ll be supporting them one hundred percent.

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