Things That Make You Obsessed With Bali

We have gathered things that best describe the Indonesian island and still make us slightly obsessed with Bali.  It is hard to define it without resorting to clichés like paradise on Earth or stunning or simply breathtaking. It is all that. But it’s more. It’s jungles, abundant waterfalls, friendly locals, delicious food, hectic capital, incredible temples, high volcanoes… Bali is an incredibly interesting place that can keep you very busy or completely idle if that is all you’re after. The visit will however not leave you unaffected. You’ll always miss these:

Amazing places where you get to drink your morning coffee. 


While the kids are still asleep and you just can’t believe your luck.

Balinese coffee. 

coffeeMore please.

The food.  

Balinese food

Free roaming monkeys in Ubud.  

monkey forrest ubud

Monkey Forest in Ubud is both scary and funny at the same time. But monkeys roaming the temple do make a lasting impression and are a nice change to our pigeons.

Did I mention the food? I couldn’t get enough of these. Heaven on sticks. 

balinese food

Or sea food. Or anything else for that matter. 

20150128_160048 Luckily there’s more. Like waterfalls hidden in a jungle.


And swimming in them.

Lush rice fields.

rice fields

Friendly locals.


Mystical temples.


Mount BaturOh, you guessed it. Hubby climbed it to catch the perfect sunrise. I was too busy sleeping and drinking coffee at my time out place. It won’t drink itself.

Sunrise at the beach.


Again you are enjoying this photo thanks to hubbs waking up so early in the morning.

Hot storms.


You really get to enjoy the storms here and take full advantage of the waves crashing the shore. Didn’t mind to get wet in here.

Swimming pools like these. IMG_4610

I am still dreaming about Bali…


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