My first giveaway: cool eco friendly passport holder

A few weeks ago I was asked by the company 11:11, that makes really cool handmade, eco friendly passport holders (other daily items as well) to review their holders.

Few years ago I had a holder for my passport but since it was made out of leather it wasn’t such a good protection after all. And when I travel I need my papers to be somewhere safe, as I am always carrying so many things in my bag, especially with the kids now – all kinds of fluids and food bits. So, that was actually my first though upon reading the sent email. Yes, that is something I need to have. After seeing how many great designs they have and all being hand made, yeah, waterproof, as well as eco friendly using a combination of 100 % recycled paper and clear vinyl, I was sold.

Not only is it a great item, upon visiting their site and reading about it, I also felt inspired, because the owner of the company is someone pursuing her dream, trying to make it happen with her own creativity and hard work, so I was eager and excited to help them along by spreading the word.  They have great products, so I think everyone can find something they’ll like and that will in case of the holders make them stand out in the sea of dull looking passports :).

I really love my holder and am excited to get the chance to use it, but we are still trying to pick a location. Where would you take your holder? Link in your comments. Since these holders are so cool and the company kind enough, I am giving away one to one of you.  So, here it is, my first blog giveaway. If you would like to receive the passport holder all you have to do is follow the link.


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