Gardaland with kids

Mum vs Kidz: Tips for Visiting Gardaland with Kids

I am thinking a few hours and then they’ll be too tired for more. My kids are planning never to leave. While I want to do a few rides the whole family can enjoy, I have an adrenaline junkie beginning to try the scariest rides and a fraidy-cat on the other wanting to stay on the carousel. Here is the first in our series of Mum vs Kids. This is our take on Gardaland with kids.

Gardaland with kids

Mum’s tips on visiting Gardaland with kids

After months of planning, we decided to kick off our Spring break trip with a visit to Gardaland.

Gardaland is Italy’s biggest amusement park located near Verona, on the lovely Garda lake.

The two of us have been there a couple of times before the kids came along. We were excited to share it with them. Yeah, but honestly, we couldn’t wait to hit the rides ourselves. 

Besides we thought this would be a perfect way to get our kids excited about the rest of the trip. I had hoped that after all the unlimited fun, they’d be eager to focus on historical buildings and monuments we were about to explore in Spain. Hm, hm, hm, what do you think?

Instead I had to listen to ten days of:

‘When are we going to Gardaland?’

‘Are we going today? Is today Saturday?’

‘Is today tomorrow?’

Until the day finally came. We planned the visit with two more families and it was really great since we could divide into groups and everyone got to experience what they wanted the most. Younger kids did their rides, older kids were more courageous while the men were almost crazy with their choices.

I honestly expected us to spend a couple of hours in the park, trying out a few rides the whole family could enjoy, a quick meal and then we’d have the afternoon off.  But while we were busy chasing rides,  all of a sudden it was six and to everyone’s dismay the park was closed.

Check the opening times for Gardaland before heading. In April they are open from 10 am to 6 pm. But in the summer months you can stay till 11 pm. If you have the stamina.

Then the realization hit – we have spent eight hours here with no one complaining until it was time to leave.

We did try all our favorite rides: the Shaman, Ortobruco Tour, Mammut, Colorado Boat, Blue Tornado, I Corsari… We also took an hour to grab a meal at the park – we went for the all time favorite choice – pizza. And while the rest of the family waited for the ride, I was happy enough to take a break, watch other people hurry to their next destination and have a nice slow cup of coffee.  We could’ve definitely used more time here.

Mum says: Gardaland is great fun for the whole family. Everyone will love it.

Kidz’ tips on visiting Gardaland with kids

To all the Mums and Dads (but especially ours), when you take your kids to Gardaland these are the rules to follow:

  1. Let the kids do whatever they want. No rules – this here is fun.
  2. Let the kids choose the rides. You had your chance when there were no kids.
  3. Bring friends, so we have company and you don’t get bored – we don’t want you to be bored because we want to stay here. Forever.
  4. Stay till other adults, preferably the police makes us leave.
  5. Relax. If you are uptight, go away, you are ruining the fun for the rest of us.

To the kids:

  1. Get rest the day before. (Ask Mum and Dad when that is) It’s worth it, because you don’t want to miss out on the fun.
  2. When it comes to eating. Go for pizza or push for the fries – trust us, not even Mum and Dad are thinking apples or broccoli here.
  3. Have friends along, so you can talk to them while you stand in queues and you can scare each other on the rides.
  4. Try it all. Whatever you are tall enough to try.
  5. If scared, just hope for the best and still do it. It’s too cool to miss out.
  6. Keep asking Mum and Dad when you are going to Gardaland again…
  7. See you in Gardaland. (Soon.) ‘Hey, Mum when are…’

Kidz say: Gardaland is great. We loved it.


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