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Movie Quotes That Describe Travel with Kids

Every trip with our kids is like writing a story, sometimes it has elements of science fiction, other times it is all about action filled adventure, with days of complete drama and moments of laugh out loud comedy. No wonder it can be so aptly described with famous quotes from great blockbuster movies.

travel with kids asia“Show me the money.” Jerry Maguire, 1996
The answer I get, every time I tell hubby about the plans for our next trip. How are we going to make it happen, since we need to live too? New car, couch, washer… it’s always the same:

 “This couch, this is a trip to France. We truly don’t need a new one.”

“We’ll always have Paris.” Casablanca, 1942
I want to share meaningful moments with my kids, create great long lasting memories that will bind us together for years to come. Things can be bought, but travel and all it brings has to be experienced.

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” Dead Poets Society (1989)
Our travels are not about seeing every little thing there is, it’s about enjoying all there is, even if that’s just the time on the beach, instead of the imposing Eiffel tower.

“Do I look like I give a damn?” Casino Royale (2006)
We stopped caring about the guidebooks and must sees. It’s what we want to see that counts.

“We do not follow maps to buried treasure and X never, ever marks the spot.” Last Crusade
We wander, we get lost, we explore and we find the best things along the way, where no one would care to look.

“To infinity… and beyond.” Toy Story (1995)
After a while that is how driving in the car feels like to all of us. But our destinations are always quite bold and far away and well:

Rome wasn’t built in a day or reached for that matter.

“Are we there yet.” Are we there yet (2005)
Is a regular question with a very simple answer:

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” A Few Good Men (1992)
After awhile whether I say 5 minutes or 2 more hours, it gets me the same reaction:

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna to take this anymore!” Network (1976)
When no one can’t stand to be in the car a second longer, we take a break, set a tent and call it a day. Because hey, tomorrow is a new day and we can give it another try.

“That was the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.” Annie Hall (1977)
Traveling by car is easy, pretty much anything goes. But being stuck on a plane for 11 hours straight, is a whole different game.

“You talkin’ to me?” Taxi Driver (1976)
The cringing, the looks people give us when they see us approaching at the airport or a hotel. I can hear their thoughts: “Please don’t sit next to us.”

“The cold never bothered me anyway.” Frozen (2013)
That’s our motto when it comes to fellow travelers and destinations.

“Life is a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest Gump (1994)
Every trip is an adventure and no matter how meticulously planned, I have learned that it will always surprise me…

“I’ll be back.” The Terminator (1984)
Still we will be coming back for more.

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