Motherhood Review on TripAdvisor

Motherhood can easily be compared to travel. Long and unyielding journey that isn’t about the destination (since it’s never within your grasp), but persevering, staying on curse and appreciating the small victories. If that is so, what would motherhood reviews on TripAdvisor, world largest travel site be like? Let’s see.

IMG_5789Waiting time too long

Really? Nine months to pop the baby out! The world was created in six days. Definitely way too much time to get the baby, especially when there’s still at least 18 years of work with it.

Terribly rude

Are they serious? First they assume everyone understands their gibberish then the next thing coming out of their mouths is: “No, no, no.” The worst were probably tantrums in the middle of the street, store, park, wherever there are other people and they can embarrass you the most. They are inconsiderate and will make you get up the second you have food on your plate, wake you up in the middle of the night just because they can’t find the pacifier and need to potty as soon as you leave the house.

Fantastic in every way !!!!!

It is amazing, easy to navigate and you can spend years exploring. It never gets boring, there’s something new behind every corner. Love it.


I guess it makes a nice photo, but the money you have to spend on it is just ridiculous. For that price you’d expect more than wiping snotty noses, potty training, not sleeping at night…

A must!!!

Had I known how incredibly profound experience this is, I’d never had waited this long to try it. I am rating it as excellent and really recommend it to everyone.


Honestly, after talking to my friends who’d done it, I had high expectations coming in. Well, let me be honest, since nobody apparently was with me, I am not sure it’s really worth the fuss. Yeah, there are moments that are absolutely adorable, the kind you can’t experience anywhere else. For each such moment, there are days, yes, literally days of hard work and perseverance. There is nothing special about it.

Try this before you die

Life would not be complete without it. You have no idea what you are missing. It doesn’t get better than sloppy kisses, big hugs and gentle caresses.


Nothing seems to be working here and it takes around ten tries just to get noticed. It doesn’t get any better when you finally place your order. Half of the time they forget all about it midway. It’s messy, smelly, loud and well, I think there are just better things to do.

Great entertainment

You will never be bored again. There will be laughs, shaking your head in disbelief – good or bad, mishaps to spice up your days and nights, you’ll change plans on moments notice and constantly be on your toes…

Amazing views

It’s an endeavor to reach them, but once you do everything else fades away. Watching your baby sleep will be the most amazing thing you have ever seen and a time to celebrate hours worth of quiet.

I believe the truth about motherhood lies in all of these exaggerated reviews, since it’s a mixture of ups and downs and everything in the middle. But is still the best trip I have ever taken. What do you think, how would you rate motherhood?


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