Mom’s Ideas for Disney’s Sequel to Frozen

When Disney finally announced it will be making the sequel to Frozen, I could just hear us Moms go: »Woot, woot.« I for one am relieved and excited, because truly I can’t watch the first movie anymore. So, Disney, thank you for giving us a break and making a second one. Here’s to two more years of Frozen mania.

I am thrilled but this time around I also want to be prepared. My kids are crazy about this movie: we wanted to dye our hair blond; we still dress up as Elsa at every possible opportunity and we pretend to freeze everything that moves. I see this as my chance to kindly ask the makers at Disney to try and incorporate a few of my well meaning ideas into the movie. You know, to help Moms out and basically thank us for enduring what seems as months of listening to Let it go. Here it goes:


  1. We can all pretty much guess that the story will involve a royal wedding. Here is in my opinion a perfect hitch – the girls are late because they take too long to get dressed.
  2. While Christoph is busy trying to find the rings. Olaf kindly trys to help but points out they would have an easier time finding the rings, if he occasionally cleaned his room.
  3. Christoph agrees and points out, or rather stress out how difficult it is to have a pet reindeer.
  4. In the meantime Olaf gets lost because he likes to wonder off and then all the guest have to search for him.
  5. When the royal wedding is finally over, they can all have a ball where they serve fruits and veggies. Look everybody loves chocolate in any forms. If Elsa and Anna are eating it, my kids are not buying the whole »it’s not good for you«.
  6. And do show the happily ever after where Christophe helps Anna with all the chores. Please ditch the servants (make them take a long holiday if there’s no other spell) and I won’t mind if they clean and burst into a chorus.

Main message:        

  1. While love is great, how about you keep some more of that sister power, sisters are great, don’t hit your sister, don’t tell your sister she is stupid, sister is all you have, share with your sister, etc. You basically know what I mean.


  1. Decide on the season of the year and dress the characters appropriately. How can I possibly argue putting on a jacket in the middle of a snow storm, when Elsa’s cape is barely visible.
  2. Fashion wise could Elsa and Anna just wear a ponytail for once please. It took me hours of watching Youtube to figure out just the simple French braid, no way can I ever be expected to try more. Also while we are on the topic, what is wrong with a white T-shirt and jeans or sneakers. Please no more new costumes. We needed a whole year to get these.
  3. Regarding the props. Nothing is wrong with a magnifying glass or binoculars. There’s only so many bags, makeup and fashion accessories we can have.


  1. Perhaps this time around music could be written and performed by 30 Second to Mars or at least Coldplay – then we really wouldn’t mind buying the soundtrack though we would still have a hard time listening to it for six months in a row.
  2. Elsa can still have the feature song, while the topic that would be ideal is how much fun it is to go to sleep on time, sleeping in is even better or why aren’t you sleeping too. Let me go to sleep, perhaps.

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