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When I had Stela I thought breastfeeding was the toughest until of course I got a hang of it. But when introducing the solids I found myself facing a new challenge. It was not about being hard to make, but rather about eventually running out of ideas and suddenly finding myself mashing apples and carrots all day long. And a lot of Mummies I meat have the same problems. So, to help you out, I am sharing our top five recipes, that every baby will love and Mummies will have no trouble making:

1)The Thanksmummygiving mush:
Ingredients: butternut squash, sweet potato, apple and carrots
Amounts: depending how much you want to make
How to: chop everything up, put in the skillet, add water and cook till it’s soft. Mash or puree. Serve.

2) Go Bananas:
Ingredients: mangos and bananas
Amounts: you decide, as you might want to join in
How to: no secret here, just mash or puree.

3)More chicks-please, I mean chickpeas
Ingredients: chickpeas and avocado
Amounts: go slow, more avocado less chickpeas to see how the baby likes them
How to: you cook the chickpeas and then add the avocado (do not cook it) and again mash or puree.

4) Apples a la Con-Tessa:
Ingredients: apples, bananas, dried apricots and some oatmeal
Amounts: lots of apples, half of the banana, two apricots and a sprinkle of oatmeal
How to: I like to cook the apple with apricots and oatmeal and after it’s done I add a bit of banana. Mash/puree and voila!

5) My name is Pepper. Green Pepper:
Ingredients: green peppers and potatoes
Amounts: one green pepper and one medium-sized potato
How to: you bake the pepper and cook the potato.And then follow closely: mix it up together – mash/puree.

Bare in mind that you need to check when you can introduce certain foods to your baby. I am no expert, these are just some suggestions my two daughters liked. So, go slow and have fun.  And remember to always cook stuff you’ll like as well, as often enough you will be eating the leftovers.

Please feel free to share your favorite recipes.

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