Making a list, checking it twice …

This is it. I am making a list and checking it twice. I only have a few days left to pack everything up and then we are off. At this moment I am as calm as the proverbial sea. But I have this constant nagging feeling like I am forgetting something, something big. Well, I guess if on Friday we have both kids with us at the airport, our passports, credit cards and the camera, we are good to go.


I have so far successfully packed both my girls, managed to buy all the necessary food supply after hours spent reading what can and cannot be brought on the plane. I now know that I can have baby food but as they put it; normal amount of baby food. What is normal nobody knows. Also they assure me I will not be needing to try all the food but I do have to have the baby with me not for example my husband if I am the one carrying the food. I cannot have water but can take an empty bottle and fill it with water later on, though not with the one on the airplane bathroom (as if that would even cross my mind). So, the food issue: check.

I have also managed to prepare toys and entertainment for Stela (coloring book, sticker books, puzzles, just books, computer). We have also downloaded a few apps for smart phones and she already enjoys the games. At the moment the most popular being Intellijoy’s Kids Connect the dots and Kids Preschool Puzzle. They are really fun and you don’t need to speak any English to know how to play. Nikica bought us double batteries for our phones just so we’ll be able to pull it off.

The kids are pretty much done. I can also check off medicine and travel insurance off the list, as that is in the bag.

This leaves just us and then I’ll double check everything. Yesterday, I read this article about packing, where it says that after you’ve packed, go check it again and remove about one quarter of everyone’s luggage. In my opinion is a really good rule of a thumb, as I always pack too much and then don’t get the chance to wear it. Still with the two of them, I’m sorry but more is definitely better.

Tonight I am checking again and I’ll see if we can make the bag any lighter especially as I am so looking forward to some shopping in Canada. Oh, don’t get me started on that. I lived one year in the States and I still miss some stuff terribly. Like pop tarts. I am a huge fan of pop tarts. So, far I’ve discovered they have them in the UK and bought them on my every visit. But they only have chocolate and strawberry flavor. So, I have also paid a lot of money on Ebay to have them delivered (S’mores and Chocolate Fudge) and seriously contemplated writing to Kellogg’s to start selling them in these parts as well. And I should not even think about the cereals isle, me, being a cereals enthusiast 🙂 to say the least. But that’s material for a whole post, so let’s finish this on I’ll be shopping in Canada note.

As you can see life is not dull in my household, especially three days before departure and if I wasn’t nervous before I am now, so I am going back to preparations and I’ll let you know how everything goes.

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