Are You a Traveling Family?

I have been browsing through Instagram to find the best examples of what makes a traveling family. My research together with our gained experience resulted in these ten questions.

If you can answer yes to any one of them you too are a pack of travelers with kids. If you check absolutely to each and every then congrats you are a pro. And if there is one you think is missing, do add it in the comments.

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1)      Are your kids able to fall asleep just about anywhere?

asleep everywhere

2)      Are you having back problems from years of carrying kids, strollers, backpacks, bags, bikes…?


3)      Do you have a ton of photos of your kids in front of major landmarks and none from the local park?


4)     Have your kids having seen more penguins, lions and giraffes than cows?


5)      Can your tots plan trips before they can read?


6)    Do you have many things, gadgets and apps to make your trips easier?


7)      Have you tried all means of transportation except the rocket? And that’s only because it’s still not available?


8)     Is it easier to convince your kids to eat curry noodles than a roast?


9)     Are you a master of patience?


10)   Do you visit zoos, amusement parks and aquariums instead of galleries, churches and museums?



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