Lipno lake

How to Make Amazing Photos?

That’s a million dollar question, I guess. And I sure don’t know the answer, though hubby might. It takes a bit of a feeling, like with any other thing, a whole lot of knowledge and just persevering. I know hubbs makes a ton of photos and then perhaps only one makes the cut – but that one is a sight to behold. And trips are the best opportunity to have a bit of fun and practice. For this Friday here is a photo of the Lipno lake in the amazing Czech Republic, where everything seemed to have worked in his favor. But don’t be fooled we have a few more of that same view that didn’t make the cut.

And with every amazing photo comes a story, at least in my opinion: The morning has broken. The lake beckons and it makes me restless, eager to explore. When I look at the boats I am already picturing our next adventure.


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