10 Tips for Making the Most out of Your Ljubljana Zoo Visit

Ljubljana zoo offers a variety of animals, a small petting zoo and great playgrounds, where kids will have a chance to make friends with the local youngsters. As locals, we go to the zoo often and here are our tips to get the most out of your experience.

ljubljana zoo

1. Plan at least a couple of hours at the Ljubljana Zoo

In our opinion, you will definitely need a couple of hours to leisurely walk around the zoo. But if you want to make your kids happy and let them enjoy both learning about animals, as well as playing at playgrounds, plan to spend the entire afternoon at the zoo. You certainly don’t want to rush them.

2. Make the most of it

The zoo is located in the beautiful city park called Tivoli and it’s only about 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. But it seems kilometers away. It’s quiet and being in the woods, it offers plenty of shade.
It’s the perfect place to escape the sunshine and high temperatures. There’s also a nice playground with lots of water and sand, which will make your kids believe you took them to the beach.

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3. No need to do it all

Even though the zoo is not huge, it still takes time if you want to see and experience it all. Total length of walking paths is 6.5 kilometers.

So, my advice would be don’t see it all. It’s not necessary. This is the place, where kids can take control and set the pace. They can choose, which animals are a must-see and what can possibly be left out.

To make the decisions easier, take the plan of the zoo – available at the ticket office.

4. Kids will want to stop at the playgrounds

Kids will not want to miss a chance to try out the three great playgrounds in the zoo. There are slides, a trampoline, ropes for climbing, water…

So, make the visit not only educational with a chance for kids to learn something new, but also adventurous. Kids can play and make friends too.

5. Avoid the crowds

Ljubljana zoo is fairly small and it has both the animals and playgrounds – things kids love most, so it comes as no surprise that it gets crowded fast.

My advice to avoid being stuck in crowds is, to plan a visit during the week. But then again most of the workshops happen on weekends. So, decide what suits you best.

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