Coolkidz Picks: The Trunki

Even when traveling with kids only a handful of things are a necessity. In our family one such thing is Trunki and all the great things that can fit inside. Though we might think that when the travelers are kids we have to pack along the whole nursery, our recent trips have made me realize we can manage without most of it. Basically the kids require the same things as you would pack for an adult. So pack them a bag and take them exploring.


But just any bag won’t do. Well, not for us, ever since we’ve discovered the lovely Trunki. Stela got hers as a present and ever since it has been a welcome addition on our trips.  It is basically a  little suitcase – just the right size, to be able to put things inside and sturdy enough to let the kids sit on top of it, when they get tired and you can pull them along. Really great once you are past the stroller age. The disclaimer I want to make is that while you can choose from the many colors, ours of course had to be pink. So, yeah, another girl for us, because apparently it has become a new member of the family. We certainly don’t go anywhere without it.

Thus it is safe to say, if you want to inspire your kids to travel, Trunki does it for you. Stela keeps playing with hers even when we are not away. She goes to her room, packs it up, with God only knows what and only informs us that she is leaving. A few days ago she walked into the living room, pulling her very stylish Trunki along, I’ve got to hand it to her – she knows knows how to make an entrance and with all our attention, focused on her, proudly announced she is going the the US and then Australia for about 4 to 5 months, she wasn’t exactly sure and hey, why limit yourself, right. And when asked will she miss us. She looked at me, gave it a pause, shrugged it off and just sayed: “nah”. A little feisty traveler in the making. And I blame it entirely on the Trunki, but I asked for it and truthfully am really proud of her – visiting the world is just the kind of game I’d love to play along.

So, here are a few photos of our explorer on her last trip to Munich, where of course she and the Trunki were the stars of the show.

IMG_0061IMG_0128 IMG_0135

Get yours right here: Trunki: The Original Ride-On Suitcase NEW, Bernard (Yellow)

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