Discover the Land of Fairy tales

If you are wondering what to do in Bled with kids once you are done with the lake, we have a special treat for you. Go visit the the land of fairy tales. Located at the foothills of a smaller hill called Straza – just follow the signs – you can’t miss it. It’s a magical place where local legends and Slovenian folk tales come to life.

4The land of fairies and other magical creatures is so much fun, for both kids as well as the adults. We parked at the huge parking place at the only ski slope in Bled, Straza, and right beneath it is the location of this mystical place. While at the first glance it might not look as much, once you get there, the real adventure starts. First of all we were greeted with a mischievous dwarf who welcomed us the second we left the car and Stela was already excitedly jumping around.

When you pay the entrance fee, you don’t just get the tickets, you get a list of instructions and a few tips on how one should behave in this land and what to do upon meeting certain fairy tale characters. To help you along they have devised a booklet where every creature is introduced and explained, what are it’s likes, dislikes and what you should bear in mind when addressing them. I of course immediately tried to memorize what I was being told, God forbid we’d make a wrong move, who knows how one might end up in the land where everyone has magical powers. Besides school ruined me for the rest of my life I guess, because I hey, failing isn’t an option, right. Well, this is not school, it’s fun and there are no mistakes to be made, anyway all the creatures you meet tell you what the next step is, so you really can’t mess it up.

1First of all we were able to play a few games, like memory or three in the row, use the swing. I loved that everything was simple and made of wood. The dwarf kept us busy entertained and helped the girls create little dwarfs of their own, using branch stubs and a little paint. Then with the final warning we were off to meet the creatures that so far we have only read about in the Slovenian folk tales. First off was the Wild Woman, who is more than 300 years old, or so she claims and you when you visit her, you must bear in mind she will try to trick you and sell you useless stuff. At the entrance, I forgot to mention, you receive wooden coins and they are method of paying in the magical land. So, the old lady wasn’t able to sell us the magical toothpaste, you need to apply only once, because your teeth then rotten and fall out, but we did buy a glass of the magical potion for the kids and she promised a glass of love potion for the two of us. I was just scared it wouldn’t work too well, meaning we have all the kids we need. I am though not telling about the ingredients of either, go try them for yourself.

3On we went to meed the Pagan Girl, who is huge and sits in her tent and can tell you your future. Thus Stela was told she would become a teacher of Physics while I will go on to become Miss World, if at one point they considerable lover their expectations, I guess. But who am I to argue with such a prophesy.

5She did however warn us we are on to meet the Fairies, the ones that legend says created the beautiful Bled Lake and they are as fair as they can be, so I should blindfold hubby as to not lose him to their charm. He stumbled through the woods, where the Fairy helped us catch some fish to bring to the scariest creature of them all. Even though Tesa was afraid of them all and held on to me tightly all through out our visit. Merman or water sprite however terrified Stela too. And since as a kid I heard stories of him as well, I also wasn’t indifferent.  Besides when meeting him, you have to address him in his own language and not make wrong moves or he’ll try to get you wet. Suffice it to say, all the girls in the family were pretty relieved once we left his dwelling and went to meet the final character, the Hunter. He has food you can buy and roast over the fire and he has the cutest swing with wooden baskets as the seats. We basically didn’t want to leave his side.



2Still the visit had come to an end. We have managed to spent an amazing two hours in the company of all the magical beings in the land and it was really something special and unique. Not something either of us has experienced before – local legends coming to life. The reason why this all works, is because everyone there clearly enjoys what they are doing. And the result is all of us having an amazing time.

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