lake huron

Crazy European Swimming in Lake Huron

The absolute highlight of our Canadian journey was the weekend stay at lake Huron. A cozy cottage on the shore, an array of activities, good food and lots of sunshine. What would’ve made it perfect was a dip in the lake. But one couldn’t, right? Not in the middle of September?

lake huron

We arrived to our destination early in the afternoon, after a few hours spent driving through beautiful Canadian countryside. Nikica’s cousin was kind enough to take us to one of the cottages located on on the Bruce Peninsula. The term cottage didn’t do the place justice though. In my opinion cottage is a small wooden cabin, not a cozy, well furnished (better looking than our own apartment) place. One that makes you wish you had more time on your hand.

It had everything you’d need and more to have an excellent stay. The huge foot dock with a hot tub and a large gas barbecue overlooking the lake made me long to stay here forever.

We had made extensive plans but the setting proved to be enough. We discarded them all and enjoyed our time around the property. All five of us climbed into the kayak, that was provided and paddled around the sleepy bay.

lake huron

Later a true Hollywood moment ensued when I purring with joy relaxed into the famous Muskoka or Adirondack chair. I’ve been seeing them throughout our trip. They were especially inviting when we spotted them around the houses on the Thousand Islands.

At nightfall we had a good meal and were ready to get into the hot tub. The air outside was cool, but we rushed over and we jumped into the hot water. Along with gazing into the starry sky, this was one of our favorite moments ever.

Nikica was brave enough to run into the lake and take a swim, before returning to the tub again. I wasn’t. I waited till the next day and as it was really sunny and warm I threw caution to the wind and immersed myself into the quiet waters of lake Huron. And all the Canadians watching me do it must have thought: Those crazy Europeans swimming in the lake :).

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