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The Journey of Motherhood

If motherhood was a journey, then it is without a doubt the wildest one. From the first moment on it takes you to places you never thought existed, allows you to marvel at the most precious sights and turns your view of the world upside down. For me it is still both the best and the scariest trip I have ever taken.

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Six years ago I embarked on a journey that has taken me for a spin. By becoming a Mother I have suddenly landed in a place you could only describe as Wonderland. And I was Alice. For the first time I felt literally lost and no Lonely Planet was able to offer me local tips. I was constantly tired, emotional and desperately needing a shower. I felt as if I was partying in Ibiza all night long and trekking through the dense Amazonian forest during the day.

The time zones were mashed into one and changed so rapidly I thought I was boarding a rocket instead of going to bed at night. And I never knew where I was going to land, will I be taming lions in Kenya or marveling at a dancing dervish in Turkey? True motherhood is afforded with some amazing views which make the journey worth it, but sometimes they are literally crappy too.

In the beginning I watched my carefully laid out plans crumble day after day until I realized the principles that have governed my trips so far can’t be applied here. So, I finally did what true explorers do – I observed and tried to understand the locals.

I followed my daughter’s lead and since then she has taken me to the most remarkable places; to sites where you really find yourself, gain faith in humanity and live life to the fullest. While I try to show her what the world looks like, she is showing me how this world feels like.

Despite the great times, she still keeps me on my toes and as soon as I think I have it all figured out, the scenery changes. At least I now know that the clue to the map is right in front of me. I just have to listen and we’ll get there, to the next fork in the road and our journey together continues…


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