I’ve been bad

A view of MakarskaI’ve been bad. I know. I have completely neglected my blog. It’s been days, weeks, a month, a whole new year is upon us and I have been quiet. And I don’t even have a good excuse. Yes, I could use kids, as that is the excuse that keeps on giving. But honestly, I’ve just been lazy and didn’t feel too enthusiastic about any specific topic.I was dealing with my everyday life, with chores and fevers and runny noses, diaper changing and well, you get the point.

We did go to Nikica’s hometown of Makarska for Christmas holidays. But I just don’t count that as a big trip. That’s going home for all of us, visiting family and friends. Taking it easy. Enjoying the sunshine, the warmth and the sea in the middle of the Winter, when we know it’s all foggy and cold back at home. Despite the trip taking around six hours by car, we always seem to take it lightly, as if going to the next town. We kind of work everything out as we go along. I don’t know if that’s because we’ve done it so often or it’s because we expect no surprises since we are going home and you know somebody there always has your back.

I like going to Makarska, always did. It’s because nothing there reminds me of home, of my responsibilities, of little tiny issues life is so full of. The daily routine is broken into nice long walks by the sea, sipping coffee in the sunshine, being able to sleep a little longer in the mornings as the grandparents take the kids and going out in the evenings. But it has also always been my safe haven, a place that gives me perspective on those tiny issues I so often immensely enlarge. The trouble that keeps me up at night at home, becomes benign the moment I pull down the car window and breath in the scented warm coastal air of Makarska. It has magic, which I know would instantly disappear if I lived there. So, I literally enjoy my moments in the sun there.

It’s easier to come home then, full of vibrant energy and positive thoughts. It’s a great way to start a year. It might also be about time for me to get back to the computer and write. I just hope I’ve got my groove back. Bear with me.

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