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If Kids Wrote Travel Tips: Interview with My Favorite Traveler

After talking to my daughter about traveling, I was surprised to realize that if kids wrote travel tips, guides or reviews there would be no beating around the bush. Travel to her is very straightforward. While on this blog she needs no special introduction, she will get a short one nonetheless. Before learning how to read and write, she had already visited three continents, crossed the Equator and swam in more than five different seas. I believe that makes her an expert in kids travel and here is what she had to say about it…

kids on the airportWhat is the one thing you would tell your friends in school to bring along when they go on a trip?

A suitcase.


And toys, pajamas and clothes.

If they go camping?

A tent.

What was your favorite destination so far?


Read on to find out why Singapore is so much fun for kids (and adults) too.


Because it’s hot and you can swim in the pool.

Where would you go right now, if you could?

To see the penguins for a week, then to Singapore forever.

What is the best way to travel, by a plane, car, train or a bus?

By plane.


Because they serve you food and you can watch movies.

Do you like road-trips?

No, well only if they are short. If it’s long, I want to go by a plane.

What do you do in a car?

I am so bored.

What did you most like on our last trip to Normandy and Brittany?

When we spent the whole day in the amusement park Europa Park.

Here is why you should take your kids to Europa Park.

Do you like to travel?



Because of the food. We eat.

What do kids have to see in Ljubljana?

My school.

Do you like it better when we stay at a hotel, camp or rent an apartment?

I like to sleep in a hotel because they have beds. But my favorite bed is my bunk bed at home.

There you have it. No big words, no strong emotions, she just tells it like it is. And looks at me strange for even asking those silly questions when it’s all really that simple.





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